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Celebrating a New Five-Year Partnership with The Smith Family

Celebrating a New Five-Year Partnership with The Smith Family

The Smith Family


Education is the most powerful weapon, which we can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela


Kinetic IT is proud to partner with The Smith Family – Australia’s leading children’s education charity providing young Australians from disadvantaged backgrounds with the tools and support they need to succeed at school and in life.

For almost 100 years, The Smith Family has been tackling the problem of poverty, one child at a time. Through their flagship Learning for Life program, they are helping children overcome their circumstances by providing long-term support for their education in three distinct ways: financial support for school essentials such as uniforms and books; access to additional learning programs before and after school – tailored to each child’s individual needs; and matching each child with a dedicated team member at The Smith Family to help them get to school, stay at school, and go on to further training or work.

This three-pronged approach has proven to equip children with the motivation, resilience, and life skills they need to complete their schooling and go on to better futures.

As part of our commitment, we will be supporting The Smith Family’s Young ICT Explorers (YICTE) Accelerator program which helps children develop their STEM knowledge and skills by participating in a national digital project competition.  In addition to financial support, Kinetic IT crew will provide mentors through this program to share industry insight; grow STEM capabilities and provide guidance to participating students and teachers.

We’re looking forward to building a long and enduring relationship with The Smith Family, its members, and partners, to help break the cycle of poverty and deliver a meaningful impact to the lives of Australia’s future generation.


For more information on The Smith Family and the amazing work they are doing for the youth of today check out

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