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SIAM Global Survey: Kinetic IT proud to return as 2022 sponsor

SIAM Global Survey: Kinetic IT proud to return as 2022 sponsor

Australian technology services provider Kinetic IT is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Scopism Global SIAM Survey for 2022. The survey is now live and accepting responses.

Now in its fifth year, the global service integration and management (SIAM) survey provides an invaluable view of the state of SIAM around the world. SIAM leaders and specialists are invited to share their insights through the survey across a range of topics from demographics (who is working in SIAM currently), which industries or territories are adopting SIAM practices, barriers to success, future skills that may be needed in the field and more.

SIAM is the practice that describes the approach to creating capability to manage complex, multi-sourced service models. The 2021 survey saw responses from more than 200 SIAM practitioners from 32 countries, with Kinetic IT’s Kevin O’Sullivan saying the organisation is keen to see response rates increase this year.

“We’re delighted to partner with Scopism again to deliver this year’s global SIAM survey – a critical vehicle to gather data and insights which give the IT industry a broader understanding of this specialism in practice today.

“This is Kinetic IT’s second time sponsoring the survey so we’re excited to be working with Scopism again. In the couple of years since we last sponsored, it’s been fantastic seeing the survey grow to cover more aspects of SIAM, from who is delivering these services through to which countries or industries are adopting SIAM in greater numbers.

“I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the survey,” Kevin says.” The insights from the industry are invaluable, and will provide real and tangible feedback that specialists around the world can use to further develop their skills and offerings in the SIAM space.”

Scopism’s Director, Claire Agutter, says: “At Scopism, we get many questions about SIAM. ‘Who’s doing it?’, ‘Why?’, ‘Which countries is SIAM popular in?’ The SIAM survey provides valuable, objective data for anyone interested in SIAM. Now in its fifth year, we are building a bank of data that allows us to map trends and see how SIAM is growing around the world.

SIAM Global Survey: Kinetic IT proud to return as 2022 sponsor

“The survey looks at different types of SIAM organisations – those who sell SIAM solutions and services, those who have already adopted SIAM, and those who are planning to adopt to SIAM. By drilling down into each area, we can see more detail. Support from our sponsors is essential and I’m very grateful to have Kinetic IT as our sponsor this year.”

The Scopism Global SIAM Survey 2022 is now available for members of the IT industry to complete. Visit the SIAM survey to share your insights. The survey closes Sunday, 7 August 2022.

Visit Scopism’s website for more information about SIAM, and visit Kinetic IT’s website for insights and more information about this year’s sponsor organisation.

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