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Supporting Victoria’s Gordon Institute of TAFE scholarship program

Supporting Victoria’s Gordon Institute of TAFE scholarship program


Kinetic IT believes in reducing workforce entry barriers and increasing diversity within STEM industries and one way we do this is by partnering with Victoria’s Gordon Institute of TAFE and supporting their scholarship program. Through industry partnerships, The Gordon Institute offers companies, like Kinetic IT, to fund industry scholarships and create meaningful employment opportunities within local communities.


To play our part in breaking down these barriers, Kinetic IT has joined forces with The Gordon Institute for over five years to award industry-specific scholarships to a select group of inspiring and eligible students. These scholarships valued at $3,000 are awarded to students pursuing studies in the Information Technology field who are facing financial disadvantages to achieving their education goals.

This year we were inspired by the stories of Greg Burgchard, Marcel Gebara, and Sarah Barker.

Greg Burgchard

Greg Burgchard accepting his award 

Greg has spent most of his working life in contact centres within the Transport industry. Despite making progress in the industry, he found little satisfaction or challenge in the work. He was determined to make a change and found The Gordon Institute offered a course and accessible pathway to achieving his career goals. He has always enjoyed critical thinking and problem-solving involved in IT, but unfortunately, his circumstances had not allowed him to change his career path until now.  With the support of Kinetic IT’s scholarship, Greg now has the ability to begin his IT studies and pursue his goal of establishing his own website.

Marcel Gebara

Marcel Gebara accepting his award 

After 13 years of serving in Brazil’s local police force, followed by 3 years as a detective in the state police force, Marcel and his family decided to immigrate to Australia.  Over the past five years, he’s had different jobs, most recently working as a Deliveroo driver. He has always had an interest in IT but did not have a chance to pursue it until he became a Permanent Resident. Despite a slight language barrier, he is eager to accept the challenge. The scholarship will allow Marcel to spend more time studying and prevent him from having to work long hours to support his study fees.

Sarah Barker

Sarah Barker accepting her award 

Sarah comes from a lower-income background and has experienced many challenges in her life, including domestic violence and mental health. She was worried that these factors may limit her study options, but The Gordon Institute has proved to be a very welcoming and supportive environment. Sarah has always been fascinated by IT, particularly the advances and continuously diverting paths within the industry. She hopes to use her qualifications to contribute towards technology-led advancements in mental and physical health. The scholarship provides her with the ability to upgrade her computer so that it can be used for study, cover daycare costs for her son so that she can attend class, and allows her to purchase extra study resources.

“I thank Kinetic IT for this wonderful opportunity to study without major impacts to my sons and my everyday living, I am forever grateful.” – Sarah Barker

Each scholarship recipient received $3,000 which goes towards essential study resources, helping them to complete their education to the best of their ability.

After being selected by a panel, which includes representatives

from Kinetic IT, scholarship recipients attended an awards night. The scholarship awards night was held in April, and Kinetic IT was represented by VLine Service Director, Toby Sloan. The awards night provides an opportunity for the recipients to be recognised and celebrate their success. Congratulations to Kinetic IT’s scholarship recipients and all other recipients on the night.


Kinetic IT has worked with The Gordon Institute for several years to deliver scholarships to worthy recipients. The Gordon as an institution is dedicated to supporting people who are seeking career changes and making their transition into the ICT industry.

“The value of the scholarships provided by Kinetic IT to our students cannot simply be measured in monetary terms. Supporting our students at one of the most influential times in their journey towards a fulfilling career further fuels their confidence, focus, and commitment to accomplish their study goals ahead of pursuing a profession in the ICT industry.

The Gordon is proud of their partnership with Kinetic IT, which has endured since 2014. Delivering highly skilled industry leaders together, we look forward to continuing our relationship for the benefit of both our students and the industry well into the future.” – The Gordon

The scholarship program has been a great success, with many past recipients pursuing further study or starting a new career in the IT industry. Recipients have said the scholarship has allowed them to focus on their studies without the concern of supporting themselves, while also providing the morale to persevere and the confidence to enter a new field. As part of our partnership, we also have the privilege to go beyond providing a handout, but a hand up through mentorship and industry guidance to our scholar recipients upon request.

For more information on upcoming scholarships and traineeships contact our Careers team at or for information on our current opportunities check out Life At Kinetic IT


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