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Why self-service catalogues are so important and how to get there

Why self-service catalogues are so important and how to get there

Ahead of ServiceNow Knowledge 2022 at CreatorCon in Sydney, Australia, Kinetic IT’s Paul Morris gives a glimpse into why self-service catalogues are important for every organisation, and his specialist advice on how to get there.

With the rise of remote working, it is more important than ever for employees to have easy access to the business services and information they need to work effectively.

Whether it’s requesting access to a system, raising an incident or risk, or initiating any number of business processes, a well-defined online self-service catalogue is key to supporting your business and enabling you to support demand for services.


Self-service: What do I need to know?

What is key, when looking into what self-service options there are on the market, is that many enterprise-grade products on the market will provide a self-service capability, allowing users to order services from an online service catalogue. This capability works as a core functionality within most enterprise service management platforms, fully integrated into your organisation’s existing processes.

Leading tools can enable a wide range of intelligent workflow automation capabilities – this is one of the strongest reasons for onboarding the right self-service catalogue product. For example, rather than waiting days for a manager to approve a request via email, workflows can delegate approvals to managers who respond more quickly. Once requests are approved, the fulfilment process can be automated, fully integrating with other systems to provide fully hands-free request fulfilment.


Sounds great, how do I get started?

Technology can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a catalogue, but it can be challenging to stand up. While you may not have the specialist staff within your company to deliver this, there are external service providers, such as Kinetic IT, in the market who can step up to help fill this gap. Citizen development can also help fill this supply shortage using pre-defined guard rails in technology.

For example, vendors like ServiceNow have created citizen development tools that allow service owners to work with developers to build catalogues faster by assisting with the design work from within the application, including form design and workflow creation. Combining intelligent workflow capabilities with citizen development can help organisations quickly stand-up compelling self-service catalogues to address this critical need.

To learn more about how to stand-up service catalogues quickly and effectively on the ServiceNow platform, you can check out my presentation Accelerate The Self-Service Experience Using Catalog Builder as part of the ServiceNow Digital conference, or we’ll see you in person at the ServiceNow Knowledge 2022 conference in Sydney as part of CreatorCon.


About Paul Morris

Paul Morris is a well-known ServiceNow specialist, delivering customer-centric solutions at Kinetic IT for more than 10 years. Paul regularly features at industry events including ServiceNow Knowledge 2022 and has been named a ServiceNow Developer & Community MVP for both 2021 and 2022. You can find Paul on LinkedIn.


About Kinetic IT and ServiceNow

Kinetic IT has maintained a significant capability in ServiceNow over the past 10 years, delivering implementation and project services to a broad range of industries, marking one of the longest-standing ServiceNow partnerships in Australia.

Kinetic IT is a respected ServiceNow provider in Australia and participates extensively in the ServiceNow ecosystem, both locally and globally, featuring regularly at annual conferences, presenting thought leadership, solution designs and best practices in the use of ServiceNow on the international stage.

Want to know how Kinetic IT can leverage ServiceNow for your organisation? Get in touch with our ServiceNow team to learn more.

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