• Kinetic IT doubles down on Defence deal

    19 Jan 2019

    Kinetic IT has picked up two of three service towers under a major ICT contract refresh with the Department of Defence worth more than $90million over three years.

    Defence went to market seeking improved clarity and consistency across one of the most complex IT environments in Australia.

    Chief Executive Officer Michael North attributes the win to Kinetic IT’s proven performance in large government and commercial IT environments.

    “Our track record transforming, streamlining and managing multi-vendor IT operations is something we’re really proud of, and we’re excited to take our unique style into the federal government arena,” Mr North said.

    “We’ll be working on behalf of Defence to integrate their services and coordinate multiple suppliers to bring increased alignment and optimisation of their IT operations.”

    Kinetic IT will also transform the ICT support experience for Defence’s 100,000 personnel with a focus on end-user satisfaction.

    “The Service Desk component will manage and streamline a single point of contact for ICT engagements and support the adoption of new technologies across the agency,” Mr North said.

    Kinetic IT Chief Product Officer Brett Roberts said the Defence deal follows the trending industry demand for organisations that can navigate complex IT environments and tailor solutions that unlock improved business outcomes.

    “We invest heavily in our capabilities in Service Integration and Management (SIAM) and leading technologies to provide a true alternative in the ICT sector for large enterprises,” Mr Roberts said.

    “We believe in fostering new talent to drive innovation, we’re proudly Australian owned and passionate about developing local skills and expertise.”

    As part of the partnership Kinetic IT will establish a new office in Canberra, create 180-200 jobs and commit $2.35million for industry and community engagement in the region.

    Mr North said this would include sponsoring local organisations to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education and industry participation, up to 21 IT scholarships and over $1million for up to 24 traineeships over the contract term.

    “We’re particularly excited to start working with organisations such as Soldier On and Defence Families of Australia to support current and former service personnel and their families, and provide career opportunities” Mr North said.

    Kinetic IT media statement

  • Kinetic IT's two time success at the 21st itSMF Annual Gala Awards

    06 Sep 2018

    Last night in Canberra, Kinetic IT's Simon Dorst (Manager, Service Management Service) was presented with the highly acclaimed ITSM Champion of the Year Award at the 21st itSMF Australia Annual Gala Awards dinner.

    This award recognises a service management practitioner who, over the past year, has displayed outstanding personal and professional skills to advance industry recognition of service management through their professionalism, innovative thinking and the delivery of significant value to their organisation, customers and the wider service management community.

    Also, in an unprecedented event, Simon Dorst and fellow Kinetic IT colleague, Michelle Major-Goldsmith (Manager, Service Management Capability) were co-awarded the prestigious Thought Leader of the Year Award.  Usually presented to an individual, this year the judging panel recognised both Simon and Michelle's equal and collaborative contribution to fresh, innovative thinking in the field of IT Service Management.  They also acknowledged their ground-breaking work in SIAM™ (Service Integration and Management), where, as Lead Architects, they managed the development and codification of SIAM knowledge and played a key role in the production of the SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge, a freely available and downloadable resource.

    In celebrating both Simon and Michelle, and Kinetic IT's, success at the awards, Mark Parker, General Manager Digital Transformation said, "I'm extremely proud of Simon and Michelle's achievements in both the ITSM and SIAM space.  They've contributed a significant amount to the ITSM community, from delivering free webinars and participating at industry conferences, to championing thought leadership through various blogs, articles and other publications covering a variety of subjects in service management, IT and leadership".

    Earlier this year, Kinetic IT started delivering the SIAM Professional Certificate Course, run by Simon and Michelle.  This two-day accredited course provides an ideal opportunity for delegates to expand their knowledge on the design and implementation of a SIAM ecosystem using the roadmap approach.  The course also engages gamification to encourage in-depth exploration of key concepts and the application of SIAM guidance in a practical way.

    The SIAM Professional Certificate Course is available in most major Australian cities throughout the remainder of 2018.  If you would like more information, please contact  

  • Are you ready for the mandatory Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Privacy Act legislation?

    22 Feb 2018

    The long-awaited mandatory Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) legislation, established as part of the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017, takes effect from today, impacting all APP Entities with personal information security obligations under the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

    The legislation will impose a legal requirement for all eligible organisations, which include APP entities with an annual turnover of $3 million or more, to provide a notice (as soon as practicable) to individuals whose personal information has been, or is suspected to have been, involved in an eligible data breach that could result in serious harm, as well as provide recommended steps to both remediate and mitigate against future attacks.

    The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) must also be notified of each eligible breach.

    Kevin O’Sullivan, Kinetic IT’s Group Manager, Security Intelligence Services, says, “The new legislation couldn’t have come soon enough for the security industry, businesses and consumers alike – we need to remember we’re all in this together, and that means being transparent, collaborating and sharing our experiences to get faster and more widespread results.” 

    “We also understand that organisations may be concerned about losing customer trust as the result of this new legislation – the key to avoiding this is preparation and knowing exactly what is required when it comes to these notifications. Causing unnecessary stress or panic doesn’t help anyone.”

    To determine whether a notification is necessary, and make a compliant notification possible should an eligible data breach occur, agencies and organisations will need to conduct an assessment of a suspected breach to determine whether it is likely to result in serious harm.

    “It’s time to start assessing your current cyber security response capability and uplifting your data breach response plan. If you’re concerned that your organisation may not have the in-house capability to conduct an adequate breach assessment, or remediate effectively, take advantage of trusted Australian specialist services like Kinetic IT’s Security Assurance service,” concludes O’Sullivan.

    You can contact the Kinetic IT Cyber Security Team at or via phone on 1300 782 027. For more information about their cyber security services, check out the Kinetic IT Cyber Security website at

  • Kinetic IT writes a new chapter for SIAM... Literally!

    14 Dec 2017

    Kinetic IT’s Michelle Major-Goldsmith (Manager, Service Management Capability) and Simon Dorst (Manager, Service Management Services) have been busy over the past few months compiling expert insight, experiences and advice from almost 40 global SIAM professionals to create a sequel to last year’s award-winning SIAM Body of Knowledge (BoK).

    The SIAM Professional BoK, which was successfully launched on Tuesday 12 December 2017, has been in high demand, with over 3,500 downloads since its public release.  It expands on the theory of the SIAM Foundation BoK to provide more in-depth practical application guidance through best-practice case studies.  The SIAM Professional BoK is now available as a free download and will be complemented with a SIAM Professional Accreditation Course by EXIN and BCS, which will be included to Kinetic IT’s SIAM training service offering from mid-next year onwards. 

    For more information about Kinetic IT’s SIAM training, which includes the current SIAM Foundation course and unique ‘SIAMease’ game, please contact us or keep an eye on our training calendar.

    Helpful SIAM Resources

    SIAM…the GOOD, the BAD, the OBLIGATORY and the VIRTUOUS’ itSMF UK ITSM17 conference presentation by Claire Agutter, Director, Scopism, Michelle Major Goldsmith and Simon Dorst, Kinetic IT

    SIAM BrightTALK webinar recording

    ITSM Crowd webinar recording

  • WACTF Helps Unearth WA's Best Hackers

    07 Dec 2017

    Last night’s WACTF’s Awards and Networking night, held at SpaceCubed, was the culmination and celebration of the weekend’s community-run Capture The Flag challenge, held at the University of Western Australia – and we couldn’t be a prouder sponsor!

    The two-day event saw some of Perth’s best hacking talent compete over a series of increasingly difficult technical challenges, developed by some of Australia’s best cyber security experts. Ridge Racer claimed the top prize – a trip to attend BSides in Canberra in 2018, as well as a handy $250 DigitalOcean card. Congratulations Ridge!

    The event, attended by AustCyber Chief Operation Officer Michelle Price and OGCIO Chief Technology Officer Andrew Cann, welcomed 95 competitors, ranging from high school and university students to longstanding members of the IT industry.

    According to WACTF organisers, the core aims of the competition were to bring together Perth’s existing cyber security industry, as well as to entice emerging cyber security talent into the business community.

    Spokesman, Hivint’s Aaron Doggett, said, “We see too much good talent leaving WA due to an overall low level of awareness of the need for cyber-security related skills, or the inability for entities to find the right talent.”

    Kinetic IT’s Kevin O’Sullivan added, “With the success of this inaugural event, the WA cyber security community can only continue to strengthen and build – we can’t wait to be part of whatever comes next.”

  • A Global Hackfest is coming to Perth!

    28 Nov 2017

    Western Australia has always had a vibrant cyber security community, with defensive and offensive experts working tirelessly to protect local interests.  However, professional security membership organisations have typically focused on governance, risk and compliance rather than the technical aspects of the job, leaving the disciplines of systems testing and forensics underserviced on the conference circuit.  But things are about to change, thanks to the efforts of Perth's most innovative cyber security companies.

    Coming to Perth this weekend on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 December 2017 are two mammoth cyber security events - BSides and WA Capture the Flag (WACTF), with both seeking to unearth the next generation of white hat hackers.

    Across two challenging and educational days of workshops, demonstrations and hacking contests, the very best minds in cyber security will collaborate and share their learned wisdom, techniques and research, while new talent will show off their hacking chops in Perth's very first Capture the Flag contest.

    BSides Perth

    A relatively recent phenomenon on the global security conference scene, BSides exists to give a voice to many of the world's highly skilled cyber security experts who struggled to bring their research and discoveries to their peers at Black Hat and DEF CON (the biggest annual cyber events).  This wasn't because Black Hat or DEF CON excluded them, the problem was oversubscription.

    BSides is a conference platform for cyber security practitioners to run their own collaboration sessions, bringing together researchers, tool makers and experts to participate in conversations they might not otherwise have.  Already a sold-out event, BSides has attracted talks from some of the brightest local cyber security minds, as well as some incredible global talent. 

    Perth is excited to welcome Chester Wisniewski, Sophos' Principal Research Scientist who will travel some 14,000 kilometers to present a 'Deep Dive on the Dark Web'.  Chester will discuss the tools available for purchase on the dark web and how easy it is to acquire them.  We'll also see presentations from penetration testers, recruiters, researchers and security managers across a diverse range of topics.  Here are just a few of the presentation titles you'll see if you were lucky enough to have grabbed a ticket:

    - 2FAssassin: Bypass 2FA, Steeling Private Keys, Abusing Client Certificates, Make Illegal Profits, Have Fun and Much More;

    - Protecting your at-rest data from a surprisingly motivated adversary; and, Why you're not paranoid enough about your disk encryption;

    - The snake that took down a child exploitation ring; and

    - 433Mhz and the World - An introduction to jamming.

    WA Capture the Flag (WACTF)

    WACTF is the brainchild of Perth's cyber security business community, with founding organisations Kinetic IT Hivint, Asterisk, Diamond Cyber and HostOne coordinating the event, and drawing sponsorship from across the nation to fund a variety of coveted prizes for challenge winners.  Both individual and team entrants will take on the challenge of increasingly difficult hacking trials, each of which have been carefully constructed to mimic a real-world cyber security problem.

    Ultimately, WACTF's goal is to connect local talent with organisations needing specialised cyber security skills.  Speaking on behalf of the WACTF founders, Kinetic IT's Group Manager for Security Intelligence Services, Kevin O'Sullivan, said, "Our view is that by putting these two groups in touch, demonstrating their relevance and directly raising the overall cyber security profile for WA, everyone will benefit."

    WACTF runs in parallel with BSides across this weekend (2 and 3 December 2017), with awards being presented at a networking event on Wednesday 6 December 2017.

    Get Involved!

    BSides and WACTF will be held at the University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley.  For more information on the BSides speakers and presentations, check out their website.

    You can contact the BSides event organisers, Nigel Hardy, Peter Yorke and Alex Dolan on email, Facebook or Twitter:





    For more information about the WACTF contest, check out their website or contact the WACTF team via email or Twitter:



  • Michelle Major-Goldsmith awarded itSMF Australian Service Management Champion of the Year

    25 Aug 2017

    Riding high on the earlier success of the SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge (‘BOK’), Kinetic IT’s Michelle Major-Goldsmith (Manager, Service Management Capability) has once again claimed glory after being awarded the ITSM Champion of the Year at itSMF Australia’s 20th Annual Gala Awards event last night.

    The prestigious award celebrates a Service Management practitioner who has continuously displayed outstanding personal and professional skills in advancing industry recognition of Service Management through leadership, practical experience and public advocacy.

    In no small measure, this award was decided on the back of the SIAM Foundation BoK, of which Michelle was part of the Foundation Architect team, and for which she jointly-won the itSMF UK Professional Service Management Thought Leadership Award in June this year

    This achievement not only recognises the commitment of contribution of Michelle, but also the increasing relevance and acceptance of the SIAM Best Practice. 

    Kinetic IT's SIAM Foundation Certificate Course 

    SIAM (Service Integration and Management) is a management methodology that can be applied in a multi-service provider environment. Differing from traditional methodologies, it focuses on management, integration, assurance, and coordination to ensure that the customer gains maximum value from its service providers.

    Last month Kinetic IT launched its SIAM Foundation Certificate Course.  This three-day accredited course fills a gap in the current ICT certification landscape and provides an ideal opportunity for delegates to expand their knowledge in service integration and management. Delegates learn about the integrated process approach of SIAM, the SIAM roadmap for implementation and the governance, management and operating models. 

    Initial participant responses have been positive, with feedback such as:

    ·       ‘The course was very useful to me. It provided a framework to all the moving parts I’m a part of.’

    ·       ‘My understanding of SIAM increased greatly because of this course.’

    ·       ‘SIAM is not only about ITIL ... it is a blend & integration of various practices.’


    SIAM Foundation Certificate courses are available throughout the remainder of 2017.  For more information, please contact our Training team at 

  • Leading the Way - Women in IT

    02 Aug 2017

    How will automation affect jobs in the future? What major security threats will Australian businesses face? How do we engage millennials? Is there really a glass ceiling?

    These are just some of the questions discussed at Kinetic IT's recent 'Lead the Way' Women in IT event in Victoria.

    Aimed at promoting diversity, we were thrilled to host a successful event attended by a cross-section of crew from Kinetic IT's operational, corporate and executive teams.  In addition to our crew, we had the pleasure of hosting a panel of guest speakers which included Brendan Smith, CSIO of Tabcorp, Sue Hogg as a representative of both Australia Post and Vic ICT for Women, as well as attendees from Victoria Police, DXC and the Australian Computer Society.

    Over the course of the event, our audience listened to an engaging panel discussion covering a range of topics, from leadership and personal experiences to cyber security, and of course, diversity in the workplace.  Brendan spoke candidly about his observations on gender equality and his passion for championing diversity.  He shared how Tabcorp has undergone a significant cultural shift, appointing more female leaders and fostering an environment which values diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion.  As CSIO, Brendan also shared his thoughts on the future of IT, the current and potential cyber security risks impacting Australian businesses, and how businesses can retain millennials in today's workforce.

    Sue, who is an Iteration Manager and Agile Coach at Australia Post and active volunteer with Vic ICT for Women focused on attracting millennials and promoting STEM.  She is passionate advocate for STEM and diversity, having led the program design for Vic ICT for Women's 2016 Go Girl, Go for IT event.  Sue spoke about the need to better support and enable Australian teachers to have a positive impact on the future STEM pipeline, and shared lessons from her leadership experience.   She believes leadership is an honour and a privilege, not a right, and how leaders have an obligation to serve and support the people in their teams.

    Kinetic IT's very own Sharmila Packiarraja rounded out the panel, joining us all the way from Darwin where she works as an Information Security Manager, supporting our Northern Territory customer.  Sharmila shared her own experiences of working in male-dominated environments, often as the only female in a large team.  In discussing the challenges she faced, Sharmila's message focused on the value of perseverance and resilience in shaping who you are today, and who you become in the future.

    The feedback from our event has been outstanding, with attendees praising the open and honest approach by our panel in answering audience questions (even the tough ones!), and how willing they were to discuss their personal experiences and lessons learned throughout their careers.  Sue and Sharmila showed how hard work and dedication shaped their careers, but more importantly, how they have enriched their lives through pursuing volunteer opportunities which serve their fellow female colleagues and the next-gen of STEM superstars.  Finally, Brendan left us with an important message:

    "We all have a voice and a role in the diversity conversation, and by committing to championing change, we can have a real and lasting impact." 

  • Partnering for success: SIAM Body of Knowledge takes home the itSMF UK Thought Leadership Award

    09 Jun 2017

    On 7 June 2017, at the itSMF UK Professional Service Management Awards, our very own Simon Dorst (Manager, Service Management Services) and Michelle Major-Goldsmith (Manager, Service Management Capability) joined a team of global architects on stage to accept the Thought Leadership Award for the SIAM Foundation Body-of-Knowledge (BoK).

    The award celebrates an author, special interest group or industry body that has made the most significant contribution to thought leadership within the service management community.

    This achievement recognises the significant contribution by Simon and Michelle to this valuable work, and Kinetic IT’s ongoing commitment to the development of SIAM Best Practice. 

    Since its launch, the SIAM Foundation BoK and the certification has been widely acclaimed, receiving strong public endorsement from experts and members of the service management community for its relevance and value to thought leadership in the multi-provider IT arena.  In addition to receiving this award, the SIAM BoK is nominated for the itSMF Australia Innovation of the Year Award which will be announced at the annual gala awards event in August 2017.

    "First off, thanks for the free access to the SIAM documentation.  It is first class material and presented in a simple and usable format.  All up I'm still reading through it and being impressed, I guess I owe Simon and Michelle an apology as I was quite sceptical of their SIAM presentation at last year's itSMF gathering in Brisbane.  This clearly demonstrates what SIAM is, the benefits in applying the principles and how to implement it." - an excerpt from an email received from an Australian government employee

    SIAM Foundation Certificate Course at Kinetic IT

    SIAM (Service Integration and Management) is a management methodology that can be applied in an environment that includes services sourced from multiple service providers. SIAM differs from traditional multi-sourced ecosystems, with a strong focus on management, integration, assurance, and coordination to ensure that the customer organisation gets maximum value from its service providers.

    After a successful pilot in April (the first SIAM course in the Southern hemisphere), we’ve added the SIAM Foundation Certificate Course to Kinetic IT’s external training offering.

    This three-day accredited course fills a gap in the current ICT certification landscape and provides an ideal opportunity for delegates to expand their knowledge in service integration and management. Delegates will learn about the integrated process approach of SIAM, the SIAM roadmap for implementation and the governance, management and operating models. 

  • The Kinetic IT Career Wheel helps kids understand career options in ICT

    02 Mar 2017
    Most businesses witness rapid change in their industries - They need to embrace radical transformation, push for innovation and encourage a culture of disruption, just to stay in the game. So far, it shows no signs of slowing down. While we all feel the impact of this on our daily lives, the ones who will really experience this change are the future workers, consumers and contributors to the digital economy: Kids.
    The proverbial "kids these days" are growing up into a world with unparalleled access, and reliance on technology. As consumers, their comprehension and technical dexterity is awe-inspiring: If you've ever seen a toddler unlock an iPhone and open their favourite app in seconds, you'll understand what we mean. But how are they going to participate in the economy?

    Now back to jobs. 

    We knew the facts; three quarters of future occupations will require STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills and knowledge, however the numbers of students taking up STEM aligned subjects in high school isn’t sufficient to meet this demand. We also knew that kids are the future of the digital economy so if we were going to have any hope of making a difference we had to focus on early intervention. 
    So how do you influence them to consider their role in the digital revolution as a leader rather than a participant? In other words, how do you get more kids into STEM studies and careers?

    The kids are alright 

    As an employer of over 1,100 people in the ICT sector we've been to enough expos, school visits and incursions and we've interacted with thousands of students through these channels. If there's one thing we've accepted it's that just asking kids "What do you want to be when you grow up" is as useful as a dial-up modem when you want to watch Youtube.

    We got stuck into the problem - how do you convince kids to consider STEM?

    By starting at the end: When this generation makes it to the market what kind of roles will they see? What are the jobs that are going to shape the industry? Where is the growth and how do we make it sustainable?  Technology will be so ubiquitous that after researching industries and cutting-edge technology, we established some emerging and predicted "mash up" roles.
    Armed with a list of exciting tech-based jobs of the future we set about how to spread the word, STEM will be incorporated in to everything! But how? Catchy t-shirt slogan? Taylor Swift musical collaboration? We decided to engage with our target audience by talking about who was best placed to make this decision: the kids. We wanted to ask them some "simple" questions:
    • What are you good at?
    • What are you passionate about?
    • What's your favourite subject at school?
    • What makes you unique?
    • Where are you going in life? 

    Taking a page out of design thinking it all started to take shape one Saturday "crafternoon" and - armed with some A3 paper, pots, pans, and a fresh set of Faber-Castell connector pens - the Career Wheel was born.  

    Genesis of the Career Wheel

    undefinedThe first step on the Career Wheel, and something every student can answer, is this; “What is your favourite subject at school?”
    While a 13-year-old may not be able to tell you where they will be in 10 years’ time they can definitely tell you what they like most about going to school, what makes them sit up, engage and participate. In short, their passion.
    Secondly we simply ask, why? What is it about this subject that makes you enjoy it? What is it about sitting in a science lab, or kicking a football, making a dustpan out of metal scraps or reading a Shakespearean novel that makes you feel happy? So what’s their motivation. 
    Finally, we ask students to choose a word that best describes their personality, a word that represents how they see themselves and how they believe others see them. This final step of the Career Wheel we call self-reflection. 
    And it’s as simple as that; a guided tour through passion, motivation and self-reflection that opens up a world of possibilities in under a minute. 

    Opening up a new world of opportunity

    Supported by career descriptions, the wheel shows students that there is more to choosing careers than they thought, and often sparks a new way of thinking about their future. 
    The Career Wheel helps the kids understand that they possess a mix of interests, talent and motivators they may not have thought of.  They realise that subconsciously they've already got a pretty good idea of what "grown up me" might look like, even at a young age. The may also realise that the things experienced in school are actually the building blocks of meaningful pursuits, not just "the stuff you're told to do."  Pretty heavy for teens!
    The Career Wheel made its debut in August 2016, and since then we've interacted with nearly three thousand students and handed out two thousand Career Wheels in four states. We hear that the conversation is making its way back to classrooms, amongst peers and families. While it's hard to measure if the Career Wheel will actually result in students converting to STEM careers, the initial reaction to the wheel has been overwhelmingly positive. We even received feedback that some students took their bus driver through it in case he ever wanted to pursue his passion for the outdoors and design and mix it up with technology to become an Industrial Designer. We hope he does. 

    So what about STEM?

    Since rolling out the Career Wheel we've learned some things about STEM. We've learned about some of the incredible programs schools are running to give kids exposure to STEM at an early age, and this early encouragement is critical. We learned that girls seemed to gravitate toward roles that are people focussed/humanitarian angle. Boys had a tendency to choose paths that ended up in hands-on, methodical roles and have a distinct engineering flavour. 
    But we also learned that both girls and boys got excited about roles that would enable them to be creative which told us just want to do express themselves...preferably with robots. 
    Finally, it highlighted for us that students are more open than we anticipated to embracing this future where jobs are done by robots and machines exceed our own capability to make decisions. They aren't scared at all and why should they be? It will be a world of their making.

    Backing young people

    The shift to the digital economy requires a re-think of what "IT" roles are. It is no longer about square pegs in round holes, but an entirely new set of shapes. As leaders in this industry it's our role to foster the conditions for growth and disruption. Whether it's simply having the conversation with the young people in our lives or being a key player in building the knowledge and innovation economy, we have a responsibility to encourage, inspire and eventually make room for the next generation. And hopefully, one of them will be there because they did the Kinetic IT Career Wheel. 
    In 2017 Kinetic IT intend to take the career wheel to all of our WA Techtrials incursions with WiTWA, the Northern Territory Skills Expo and other regional events and incursions we have the opportunity to attend. In addition, this year we hope to create a digital version of the Career Wheel so make it more accessible, more interactive and way more ‘cool’.


    "The second machine age: work, progress and prosperity in a time of brilliant technologies"

    "Next Generation Skills for the Next Generation Workforce"

  • Kinetic IT Claims Leader Award in CRN Fast50

    06 Dec 2016

    Kinetic IT has claimed the 2016 CRN Fast50 Leader award, which recognises the largest company in the Fast50, as well as a ranking of 26 on the overall listhe CRN Fast50, announced at the gala awards ceremony at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney on Thursday, recognises the fastest-growing companies in the Australian IT channel, based on year-on-year revenue growth.

    Kinetic IT, an Australian owned and operated company, achieved an organic revenue growth of $179.8 million or 43% for the 2016 financial year, off the back of the successful planned expansion into the East Coast.

    Michael North, Kinetic IT’s CEO, says, “We’re honoured to be recognised by CRN as the Leader amongst an impressive group of companies. Our success is founded on the longstanding relationships we’ve built with both our customers and our staff - so we’re very thankful to them.”

    CRN editor Steven Kiernan comments, "It was one of the most competitive years we have ever seen in the eight-year history of the CRN Fast50. I take my hat off to the fifty incredible companies in this year's list. To achieve a place in the CRN Fast50, technology providers had to outpace the non-stop IT industry."

    "I am delighted to acknowledge the contribution they made to Australia's economy and our vibrant IT industry. It takes an exceptional IT provider to achieve such fast growth in such a highly competitive industry. Appearing in the CRN Fast50 is a sure sign of innovation and differentiation."

    North adds, “Our industry is evolving at a faster pace than ever, which is why we’ve been laying the foundation for new service lines, including strategic technology consulting and a broader range of security services.”

    “We’re proud of our growth, but also of our achievements with our customers over the past year. The impact we’ve been able to have not on their organisations, but also the wider communities in which they operate, is what makes us so passionate. We’re excited about the future,” concludes North.

  • SIAM - momentum accelerates with BOK and Certification course announcements

    28 Nov 2016
    Interest in SIAM (Service Integration And Management) as a means to better manage multi-provider environments in IT is gaining momentum globally at an increasing pace. This is further illustrated by the imminent arrival of a SIAM Certification (Q1, 2017), based on the soon to be released SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge (BoK) by the British Computer Society (BCS) and EXIN. 
    Simon Dorst, Manager, Service Management Services at Kinetic IT, and Michelle Major-Goldsmith, Manager, Service Management Capability have the unique perspective of being the only Australian contributing architects to this Global BoK and Certification program. Kinetic IT is now gearing up to go to market with a national training accreditation towards the end of Q1 2017.
    "The multi-provider delivery models used by many modern enterprises have created an interest in the benefits of SIAM. People are looking for better defined and more cohesive control structures that allows for the management of multiple service providers in a consistent and efficient way." Says Simon. 
    The driver for SIAM is the desire to improve value, remove reliance on single suppliers, establish effective controls, and provide the flexibility to use ‘best of breed’ service providers and services. 
    "Over the past few years we've been working with our customers at the forefront of the practical application of SIAM here in Australia." Michelle added. "This experience has been a key contributor to our involvement in developing the SIAM BoK." 
    The establishment of this SIAM BoK and Certification is a significant step forwards as it will establish common understanding and clarity to everyone (customers, providers & professionals) about what SIAM is, as well as a level of certification\validation for those working in SIAM related roles.
    For those with an interest in reading more about the application of SIAM and how it works in with ITIL, we also recommend reading "Who is the King of SIAM?", authored by Simon, Michelle and Steve Robinson, Principal Consultant SIAM at Kinetic IT and published by AXELOS.
    If you would like to be kept informed of the availability of the SIAM training or have further questions, please email

  • The Australian Government Cyber Security Strategy launch – a close-up view

    05 May 2016

    Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull unveiled the long-awaited and highly anticipated national Cyber Security Strategy in Sydney on Thursday 21 April, to which Kinetic IT’s Principal Security Consultant, Tony Campbell, was invited.

    Afterwards, we had a chat with Tony as well as his colleagues in our Cyber Security Group, Kevin O’Sullivan (Director of Security Services) and Chris Bolan (Manager of the Security Operations Centre).

    “This is an important initiative for Australia. The strategy focuses on developing five pillars that will help orchestrate the defensive measures of government, industry, education and citizens. That should create a relationship between government and business that has not been apparent in the past.” Campbell said.

    The five pillars of the Cyber Security Strategy are:

    A national cyber partnership: where governments, business and universities (and research organisations) will collaborate to build a secure and digital economy

    Strong cyber defences: will be established to increase national resilience through defence and national security agencies bolstering our national defences against foreign attackers

    Global responsibility and influence: Australia will actively promote an open, free and secure cyberspace for our citizens to use and thrive in

    Growth and innovation: Our businesses must have the confidence, trust and assurance to grow and prosper through cyber security innovation

    Building a cyber-smart nation: Every single Australian will be given the skills and knowledge to survive and thrive in the digital age 

    Furthermore, Prime Minister Turnbull pledged $47 million into establishing joint public-private threat intelligence sharing centres in each of Australia’s capital cities, along with $30 million that will fund a dedicated, industry-led Cyber Security Growth Centre.

    “It’s encouraging to see leadership from the Federal Government in Australia’s cyber security landscape, aligning our strategic capabilities on the global stage alongside the UK, US, Israel, and New Zealand,” said Campbell.

    From an IT issue, to a boardroom issue

    The Prime Minister spoke of some of the attacks that we’ve seen here in Australia over the last year or so, such as the website attacks which affected thousands of David Jones’s and Kmart’s customers when their personal information was stolen, along with the more insidious attacks on government departments, such as the Bureau of Meteorology,” Campbell recalled. 

    “The threat landscape is frightening,” added Kevin O’Sullivan, Director of Security Services. “Our cyber security analysts are tracking dozens of new threats every day. With the rapid move to digital services across all aspects of society, the custodians of that information have a big responsibility to protect these digital assets. It’s time to get on the front foot. This is no longer an IT issue and it’s getting more and more attention at the board level in Australian organisations.”

    Threats escalating at an alarming rate

    According to Campbell, “The strategy outlines a strategic vision for Australia’s approach to what’s seen as the biggest threat to our interaction with technology and the internet in the coming years. On a global scale, the cost of cybercrime is expected to grow as large as $2.1 trillion by 2019, so Australia’s new strategy is timely and well received by industry.” 

    Christopher Bolan, Manager of Kinetic IT’s Security Operations Centre, added “Attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated, with multiple layers of obfuscation and encryption hiding the malware inside well-crafted phishing campaigns that mine social media sites to make them as believable as possible.

    We’re continually looking for the latest attacks that might slip through traditional network security defences, where we provide the best line of defence – highly trained security analysts who are looking for intrusions on our customers’ networks all day, every day. I am proud to say that we use the most advanced technology on the planet to keep the wolves from our customers’ doors.”

  • Northern Territory Government and Kinetic IT take out International Service Excellence Award

    31 Mar 2016

    Minister for Corporate and Information Services Peter Styles today attended an event to celebrate Northern Territory Government and Kinetic IT winning the International Council of Customer Service Organisation’s (ICCSO) 2015 International Service Excellence Award in the ‘Internal Support Services’ category.

    “This success shows the NT is performing at an international level and continually punching well above its weight in Australia with regard to service delivery in the ICT field,” Mr Styles says.

    The ICCSO’s Service Excellence Awards program aims to recognise governments, organisations and individuals around the globe for their commitment to customer service excellence.

    The award, presented to the Kinetic IT-managed Northern Territory Government ICT Service Centre, follows two consecutive National Australian Service Excellence Awards and three consecutive Northern Territory Service Excellence Awards for the ‘Service Excellence in a Service Desk/ Help Desk’ category.

    Kinetic IT CEO Michael North comments “Kinetic IT and the Northern Territory Government have a shared goal to continuously improve the service we’re providing, so it’s very rewarding for the team to get this type of industry recognition.”

    “We’ve got a deep commitment to the local community and plan to deliver many more IT services in the Northern Territory, so we can provide even more quality job opportunities to Territorians.”

    “The Northern Territory Government provides services to people across more than 1.3 million km², with our ICT Service Centre supporting the 20,000 public servants who do so. We’re thrilled that we can continually deliver award winning service and positively impact the community,” concludes North. 


  • Kinetic IT announces new CEO after record year of growth

    25 Feb 2016

    Australia’s largest privately owned ICT managed services provider, Kinetic IT, today announced the appointment of Michael North as Chief Executive Officer. He replaces company co-founder Terry North, who is moving to a non-executive Board role after seven years at the company helm.

    The changes are part of a long-term succession plan and follow a record year of growth which has seen the company grow to over 1200 staff nationally.

    Announcing the transition, out-going CEO Terry North said Kinetic IT was strongly positioned amongst global players in the Australian ICT outsourcing arena, holding some of Australia’s largest and most complex ICT managed services contracts.

    “Michael was the natural choice as CEO. Over the past 17 years, Michael has held a range of operational and executive roles, progressing through Kinetic IT’s ranks. Recently, he has been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of the company as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

    “The leadership change is an important part of our succession plan and reflects the company’s growing maturity and national focus,” Terry North said.

    Michael North said: “Two thousand and fifteen was a massive year for Kinetic IT, with two major contract wins in Victoria and New South Wales. As we look to bed down these important new clients, it’s the right time for us to build on our strong foundation and prepare for future growth.”

    Michael North added that the next five years would be a period of evolution for Kinetic IT, with a fresh company strategy that will see it expanding its service portfolio to increase capabilities in security services, new ‘as a service’ offerings and more.

    “Our focus will always be on working with customers and partners who value authentic relationships and personalised services delivered by people they can talk to face-to-face. It’s through these relationships that we can have such a positive impact within our customers’ environments and truly help drive their organisational goals.

    We’ll also continue to invest in community and industry sponsorships, including those which encourage women to seek jobs in technology fields, delivering our own educational programs, and provide workforce opportunities within the ICT industry,” Michael North said.

    “I’m proud to be part of an Australian owned and operated organisation that’s passionate about nurturing Australian talent, in a local industry with a great future.” concludes Kinetic IT’s new CEO.

  • Northern Territory Government and Kinetic IT: Two Time Australian Service Excellence Award Winners

    09 Nov 2015
    Northern Territory Government (NTG) and Kinetic IT have been announced the winners of the National 2015 Australian Service Excellence Award for ‘Service Excellence in a Service Desk/ Help Desk’.

    This is Kinetic IT and NTG’s second consecutive national win for this category, and third consecutive state win, after undergoing a rigorous judging process conducted by the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA).

    The Hon. Peter Styles MLA attended an event to present the national award to the winning team in recognition of their achievement. 

    ‘Customer service has always been the cornerstone of what both NTG and Kinetic IT do, so being recognised once again by CSIA is incredibly important to both organisations,’ says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.

    Kathleen Robinson, Chief Executive Department of Corporate and Information Services, NTG adds ‘The NT Government’s ICT procurement strategy is based on a customer service and industry best practice model. This is focussed on continuous improvement in service delivery and responsiveness to all the public servants who rely on efficient ICT services to enable them to deliver their front line services to the Territory community’.

    ‘The Northern Territory Government faces the challenge of providing services to people across more than 1.3 million km² (including some very remote locations). We’re proud to be their partner in delivering consistent, award-winning service,’ comments North.

    ‘Our aim is to have a positive impact in the Territory that expands beyond our IT services – that’s why we’re passionate about providing local sponsorships, education in schools and workforce initiatives like traineeships and cadetships.’

  • ‘Who is the King of SIAM?’ Whitepaper Now Available

    27 Oct 2015

    Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is a hot topic right now, generating interest but also many new questions.

    Written by Simon Dorst, Michelle Major-Goldsmith and Steve Robinson from Kinetic IT and published by Axelos, our whitepaper explains the importance of SIAM as both framework and function. SIAM uses the tried-and-tested, best practice ITIL processes and concepts and creates a functional layer of accountability, governance, monitoring and control across all suppliers.

    It outlines Kinetic IT’s belief that SIAM can be used to effectively manage a multi-provider model in enterprise environments, backed by real-life examples where this theory is put into practice. “The key to understanding SIAM is to understand the concepts before diving into the detail. This whitepaper helps to do this, by successfully building on the earlier AXELOS whitepapers on SIAM” writes Kevin Holland, SIAM consultant and author, in the foreword.
    Axelos is the owner of global best practice methodologies such as ITIL® and PRINCE2®, used in more than 150 countries worldwide. They look to continually modernise the use of these frameworks using practical methods such as those employed by Kinetic IT. 
    Access ‘Who is the King of SIAM?’ via the Case Studies section of Axelos website.
    who is the King of SIAM? 

  • Kinetic IT signs landmark contract with Victoria Police

    03 Feb 2015

    Kinetic IT has been awarded a five year IT Services Contract with Victoria Police, with three single year extensions available. Kinetic IT will deliver and support newly bundled end-to-end IT outsourcing services with an initial contract value of around $164 million.

    The hotly contested contract is a key part of the Victoria Police-IT Strategy to effectively manage and govern IT resource, and provide a suitable framework for future requirements. This contract consolidates services previously split into multiple contracts, formerly held by global outsourcers IBM and Fujitsu, into an all-encompassing solution.

    The agreement will see Kinetic IT provide end-to-end management and support for Victoria Police’s major IT systems and services, with responsibility for service coordination and overall accountability for key partners.

    Kinetic IT will engage Hewlett Packard Australia and Nextgen Group to deliver services as subcontractors under the agreement. Hewlett Packard will provide a critical role in supporting Victoria Police’s applications environment and mainframe requirements.

    The overall contract includes the provision of mainframe and network infrastructure and supporting services; desktop, end user and helpdesk services; applications management and support; plus the provision of hardware, data centre and infrastructure services.

    “We believe this new agreement is proof that the world of IT outsourcing is evolving, with more agile and modern solutions being the way of the future. We also believe the success of companies like Kinetic IT demonstrates Australia’s capability to lead the charge,” says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.

    The end-to-end Kinetic IT solution is aimed at achieving efficiencies and a higher quality of service, ensuring service continuity, flexibility and single-point accountability whilst still allowing Victoria Police to retain control of the strategic direction and governance.

    The agreement will result in employment for approximately 180 Australian staff - particularly in the IT field.

    “As an Australian company, Kinetic IT is passionate not only about offering local employment, but about supporting local communities through sponsorships (such as career and IT expos, as well as industry awards programs), providing education in schools, as well as training and workforce initiatives such as cadetships, traineeships and work experience via our NextUs and StepUp programs,” says North.

    This new agreement will significantly expand Kinetic IT’s existing footprint in Victoria, with the company’s employee numbers set to increase to over 1200 across Australia early this year. 

  • Kinetic IT Signs All of Government ICT Contract in the NT

    28 Nov 2014

    Kinetic IT has been re-awarded a five year All of Government Service Centre agreement in the Northern Territory (a three year initial contract, with a two year extension available) - reconfirming its position as one of Australia’s leading ICT managed services providers.

    During the 4.5 years since Kinetic IT first arrived in the NT, the company has demonstrated a strong commitment to local industry and community development, implementing programs such as Connected Classrooms, Connected Communities and its Supplier Network Program to support employment and education in the Territory.

    This latest contract will see the Australian-owned company support over 20,000 Northern Territory Government (NTG) employees across the Territory via its ICT Service Centre services.

    The provision of services will cover not only the ICT Service Centre itself, but also Service Integration and Management responsibilities (with end-to-end delivery across a multi-service provider environment), management of the NTG’s Service Management toolset and integrated service reporting.

    “We’re so excited to not only build on our existing relationship with the NTG, but to continue to support the development of IT in the wider Territory community, my team and I are so proud to be able to genuinely make a difference here in the NT.” says John Clelland, Kinetic IT’s Northern Territory Account Director.

    Since the initial contract signing in 2010, Kinetic IT and the NTG have been jointly recognised by the customer service industry, winning the National title for ‘Service Excellence in a Service Desk/ Help Desk’ at the Customer Service Institute of Australia Awards in October this year. In October 2013, Kinetic IT and NTG also won the Northern Territory category of the same award.

    Further recognition came earlier this year, when a project to optimise the existing Service Centre resulted in Kinetic IT and the NTG being named ‘Service Desk Project of the Year’ category finalists at the itSMF Australia’s IT Service Management Industry Awards.

    “Kinetic IT’s continued relationship with the NTG demonstrates the high calibre of professional IT services and talent we have locally available. As a recognised employer of choice, we have every intention to nurture future talent right here in the NT, as well as throughout Australia,” says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.

  • Kinetic IT and Northern Territory Government win national service award

    14 Oct 2014Kinetic IT and the Northern Territory Government of Australia (NTG) celebrated an impressive win this week at the National 2014 Australian Service Excellence Awards in Melbourne.

    The NTG and Kinetic IT were awarded national winner for Service Excellence in a Service Desk for their Territory-wide service to 33 agencies spread across approximately 600 urban and remote sites.

    The win comes off the back of a stringent judging process conducted by the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA), which saw Kinetic IT and the Northern Territory Government join forces to compete against some of the nation's largest customer service organisations.

    Kinetic IT's CEO, Terry North, acknowledged the achievement, which is the second CSIA award for the NTG in as many years:

    ‘Our work in the Top End has been an incredible opportunity to enhance what we do well, and we continue to deliver award-winning service for our customers. Last year's win was a real honour, and this year I couldn't be prouder of our team. The relationship we have with all of our customers is so important to everything we do, and so much about our business with the NTG is unique. There's no other place like it in the world.'

    This win was one of two for Kinetic IT at the 2014 Australian Service Excellence Awards, which also announced the Western Australian Department of Education and Kinetic IT as the state winners for ‘Customer Service Team of the Year'.

  • Kinetic IT and WA Department of Education win 2014 CSIA award

    13 Oct 2014Kinetic IT and the Western Australian Department of Education celebrated an impressive win this week at the National 2014 Australian Service Excellence Awards in Melbourne.

    The Department and Kinetic IT were awarded the Western Australian State Winner for the Customer Service Team of the Year for their Schools Onsite Support (SOS) team.

    The win comes off the back of a stringent judging process conducted by the Customer Institute of Australia (CSIA), which saw Kinetic IT and the Department join forces to compete against some of the nation's largest customer service organisations.

    Kinetic IT has worked in partnership with the Department for over 14 years, delivering communication technology services to more than 33 000 staff and almost 270 000 students over 800 worksites and 2.6 million square kilometres.

    Part of the success of Kinetic IT's service delivery are the SOS team - who are essentially the face of Department of Education ICT while out in WA schools.

    The Department's Director Strategic Service Delivery, Tim Yorke, comments on the win:

    ‘Recognition at this level by the Customer Service Institute of Australia highlights the results that come from innovation, hard work, and a commitment to excellence. Once again, the valued, productive partnership that exists between the Department of Education and Kinetic IT has produced a significant achievement which will extend benefits to all teachers and students in Western Australian public schools.'

    Kinetic IT CEO, Terry North, acknowledged the many parties contributing to the win:

    ‘I am incredibly proud of everyone involved in winning this award. Judging by CSIA is a serious and involved process and I am always reminded of the synergy needed between our guys and our customer to achieve a service award like this at a national level. Seeing the team travelling to remote locations with only a swag and their supplies to deliver an award-winning service to a school and the Department - that's a proud moment.'

    Kinetic IT were also honoured to stand with their Northern Territory Government customer to accept the Northern Territory State and National Winner for Service Excellence in a Service Desk/Helpdesk at the same event.

  • Kinetic IT & Department of Education celebrate success at National itSMF Awards

    28 Aug 2014

    Kinetic IT and the Western Australian Department of Education take home prestigious award at this year’s itSMF Australia IT Service Management Industry Awards.

    The annual national itSMF Industry Awards program is designed to recognise organisations that have achieved extraordinary success through innovative and effective IT best practices.

    Kinetic IT and the Department of Education were announced as winner of the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award for their ICT Dashboard at a Gala awards dinner, in Melbourne.

    The ICT Dashboard is aimed at improving the visibility of ICT service operations within schools across WA, allowing them to identify and, where possible, rectify issues in their own environment.

    ‘As one of the first adopters of ITIL Service Management methodologies in Australia (a framework itSMF advocates), we’re very pleased to be recognised for the dedicated work we do together with our customers – it’s certainly integral to effective IT service delivery,’ says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.

    Additionally, Kinetic IT along with one of their customers were also named national finalists in the ‘Service Desk Team Project of the Year’ category for their Service Centre.

    Kinetic IT and its customers are celebrating a highly successful awards season, also being named finalist with the Department of Education at the national iAwards to be announced on Friday 29 August 2014, and in a variety of categories at the Customer Service Institute of Australia’s (CSIA) Service Excellence Awards to be announced on 7 October 2014.

  • Kinetic IT proud to be Australian

    10 Jun 2014

    Kinetic IT once again has caught the attention of the mainstream ICT media with a recent CRN article drawing attention to our efforts in Victoria.

    Competing against several traditionally ‘bigger names‘  in the ICT sector, Kinetic IT participated in the Expression of Interest and Collaborative Dialogue Process (CDP) with the CenITex team.

    Kinetic IT is the only privately owned Australia firm amongst a handful of suppliers that were selected to participate in the CDP across all of the published towers.  


    You can read more at,kinetic-it-bids-against-big-boys-of-tech.aspx 

  • Kinetic IT and Customers are 2014 WAiTTA Finalists

    30 May 2014
    Kinetic IT and its customers have once again been named finalists in three separate categories of the 2014 WA Information Technology & Telecommunications Awards (WAiTTA).

    WAiTTA has been running annually since 1991 and aims to recognise outstanding performance and contributions by members of the Information Technology and Telecommunications community in Western Australia. 

    This year, Kinetic IT and WA Police successfully entered their Service Quantity Survey in both the ‘Development Domain: New Product’ and ‘Services Domain: Government’ categories.

    The Service Quantity Survey (SQS) is a unique IT service assessment methodology which combines diagrams and visual displays to build a technical and financial picture of a service.  

    Additionally, Kinetic IT and the Department of Education (WA) successfully submitted their Schools Self Service tool in the ‘Development Domain: Tools’ category.

    The Schools Self Service tool is designed to simplify the management of ICT within schools, enabling them to fully customise their ICT environments to suit individual needs whilst maintaining complete security and reliability.

    Being named WAiTTA Finalists comes off the back of a stringent judging process which involves presenting to a panel of judges comprised of IT industry experts and business executives.

    ‘As longstanding supporters of WAiTTA, we’re proud to be recognised as standouts amongst our Western Australian IT industry peers. I firmly believe this is proof of our ability to build strong relationships with our customers in order to deliver tangible results,’ says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.

    Winners for all categories will be announced at the Awards Gala Presentation Dinner at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday 20 June 2014.

  • Kinetic IT and Northern Territory Government: Taking on Australia with Service Excellence

    04 Sep 2013

    Kinetic IT and the Northern Territory Government of Australia (NTG) have been named Finalists in the Customer Service Institute of Australia’s (CSIA’s) Australian Service Excellence Awards 2013.

    Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says ‘I congratulate all the individuals and organisations which have been nominated for their vision, creativity, drive and enthusiasm to do their jobs well and exceed customers’ expectations.

    Quality customer service drives success in business, and makes a difference to the lives of both customers and employees.’

    This national award process will see Kinetic IT and the Northern Territory Government join forces against Australia’s best in the ‘Service Excellence in a Service Desk/ Help Desk’ category.

    ‘Our ICT Service Centre supports All-of-Government in the Northern Territory, so customer service quality is absolutely integral to smooth operations. We’re fortunate that the CSIA recognises our achievements in this area,’ says Kathleen Robinson, Chief Executive Department of Corporate and Information Services, NTG.

    According to Kinetic IT CEO Terry North, ‘Kinetic IT has built a very strong working relationship with the Northern Territory Government over the last few years and we’re thrilled that our combined efforts have resulted in the high level of service we deliver from our dedicated ICT Service Centre.’

    Finalists are viewed by the CSIA as being Australia’s top customer service organisations, and will undergo a stringent judging process by the Australian Service Excellence Awards judging committee to decide the winners.

    Winners for all categories will be announced on 9 October at the Awards Gala Presentation Dinner at the Crown Palladium in Melbourne.

    ‘We’re very excited to be flying the customer service flag for the Northern Territory and hope we can do them proud come October,’ concludes North. 

  • Kinetic IT's Third Major Sponsorship of itSMFA's LEADit

    25 Jul 2013
    For the third consecutive year, Kinetic IT is sponsoring the itSMF Australia National Conference – LEADit 2013. 
    itSMF Australia is a leading internationally-recognised, independent organisation that’s 100% dedicated to IT Service Management.
    LEADit is an annual three day conference that offers delegates the opportunity to access Service Management experts, gain industry knowledge and benefit from workshops, keynote speeches, events and an exhibition.
    Held at the National Conference Centre in Canberra, LEADit 2013 is focusing on ‘Service Management in a Connected World.’ This theme will be carried throughout the conference, with around 500 delegates expected to attend.
    Kinetic IT’s presence will be in the form of a large exhibition stand, along with dedicated sponsorship of the Kinetic IT Amazing Race, which will give delegates the opportunity to network in a casual setting. 
    Kinetic IT has long been a supporter and accredited industry trainer of ITIL in Australia, with over 16 years of experience, and is active within the itSMFA community. Additionally, all our staff are accredited to a minimum of ITILv3 Foundations level.
    For more information about LEADit 2013, or to view the program, please visit their website:

  • Kinetic IT Signs Major ICT Contract with INPEX

    01 Mar 2013
    Kinetic IT, Australia’s leading ICT managed services provider, has been awarded a five year contract to provide a broad range of ICT operations and services to INPEX Australia Pty Ltd.

    “We’re very excited that INPEX selected Kinetic IT as the result of a stringent selection process -  Kinetic IT’s service offerings are competing more and more on an international stage, which we’re very proud of as a 100% Australian-owned business,” says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.

    The contract will see Kinetic IT deliver service desk services, onsite and remote support (including level two and three technical support) to INPEX’s national and international users, as well as back-end infrastructure services, service management services and project services.

    “At Kinetic IT, we’re all for channeling both national and international business into Australia, rather than the reverse. We have a huge amount of talent available in the IT space and we believe in our unique ability to add tangible business benefits and efficiencies in enterprise scale IT management,” adds North.

    Kinetic IT has been awarded other contracts with Water Corporation, St John Ambulance Australia, Western Australia Department of Health, Carlton United Breweries and a global resourcing giant within the last twelve months, contributing to the company’s year-on-year growth rate.   

    “We currently have offices in all major Australian capital cities and client operations that spread beyond Australia. We’ve also managed to maintain one of the best staff retention rates in the industry, with employment currently approaching 1000 staff and many of whom have been with us for over ten years,” concludes North.

  • Western Australia’s Kinetic IT Wins Major Technology Services Contract

    31 Jan 2013
    Kinetic IT, Australia’s leading ICT managed services provider, has been awarded a five year contract with Water Corporation to provide support services to its front and back-end IT infrastructure.

    Water Corporation is the principal supplier of water, wastewater and drainage services in Western Australia. It delivers services, projects and activities to hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and farms, over an area spanning 2.5 million square kilometers.

    “We’re thrilled that Water Corporation has chosen Kinetic IT off the back of a highly competitive selection process, ahead of predominantly global players. This decision demonstrates the high calibre of professional IT services and talent we have locally available,” says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.

    The contract will see Kinetic IT deliver all front-end infrastructure services (including the support of end user devices like PCs), as well as back-end infrastructure (including network management and data centre equipment and services) to Water Corporation from June 2013. 

    This latest partnership tops off a highly successful twelve month period for Kinetic IT, with the Australian-owned company winning contracts with a well-known global resources giant, St John Ambulance Australia, Western Australia Department of Health, INPEX and Carlton United Breweries. 

    “At Kinetic IT, we recognise the importance our customers see in keeping major technology contracts delivered from within Australia – it not only assists the job market, but ensures customers are given tailored services with an understanding of their sector and position within this country,” adds North.

    “Our growth rate has remained steady at around 35-40% year on year, and we don’t see that changing into the foreseeable future. We already have offices in all major Australian capital cities and will employ more than 1000 staff once Water Corporation is fully transitioned,” North comments.

    Kinetic IT delivers services to over 2,500 client sites nationally and prides itself on its longstanding relationships with many of its customers across both government and corporate sectors.

    “As a business, we’ve lived by the same values and principles since 1995 and are proud to deliver tangible benefits and alignment to each individual customer,” concludes North.

    Water Corporation - Media

  • Kinetic IT helps The Department of Education win National iAwards title

    05 Sep 2012

    Today the Western Australian Department of Education will be presented with the National iAward for e-Government, after claiming the winner’s title at the 2012 iAwards Gala Dinner and Awards Night in Melbourne last month.

    The iAwards, which is now in its 18th year and deemed to be Australia’s leading technology awards program, recognises organisations at the cutting edge of technology innovation, as well as leading professionals across the ICT industry. 

    Kinetic IT nominated and assisted The Department of Education throughout the iAwards judging process in a bid to honour their Standard Operating Environment Version 4 (SOEv4), which incorporated a combination of technology and systems never before used in such an innovative and large-scale manner. 

    “We’re proud to have played a part in this win for The Department of Education – we were heavily involved in the design and implementation of SOEv4 and definitely saw how such innovation and scalability would benefit Australian ICT and the wider Australian community for years to come,” says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.

    According to The Department of Education’s CIO Bevan Doyle “The SOE is an outstanding development which will assist schools to get on with teaching and learning and not be distracted by basic technology issues.”

    SOEv4 provides schools (regardless of size, special needs or geographic location) with a reliable, cost-effective standard platform that brings with it consistency and quality of service delivery, high availability of all services, increased information security and increased effectiveness of upgrade activities - eliminating the need for ICT training as staff move between schools.

    According to Wayne Fitzsimmons, Chair of the Pearcey Foundation, “Choosing winners from these nominations was a very difficult task but those selected represent the most outstanding innovating companies with world class R&D in the Australian ICT industry today”. 

     “The Department of Education provides services for more than 253,000 students in more than 770 schools. It’s the largest employer in Western Australia and has grown exponentially during the decade we’ve worked together – it’s vital that their ICT environment remains competitive on both a national and global scale,” adds North.

    National iAwards winners are given the opportunity to go on to represent Australia against the best innovators in the Asia-Pacific ICT industry who come together at the APICTA Awards in December this year.

  • Kinetic IT helps clients gain national recognition

    06 Aug 2012

    Kinetic IT has helped a number of its clients claim state winner’s titles at this year’s iAwards, Australia’s premier technology awards platform.

    The iAwards, which has been running for over 18 years, recognises outstanding contributions and achievements by both individuals and companies within the ICT industry.

    This year Kinetic IT nominated three of its clients in a number of State iAward categories, with successful submissions across the board, including:

    Melbourne Water: awarded the Victorian State iAward in the ‘Sustainability and Green IT’ category for its Green Data Centre.

    The Department of Education: awarded the Western Australian State iAward in the ‘e-Government’ category for its SOEv4.

    Western Australia Police: awarded the Western Australian State iAwards for three separate categories: ‘CIO of the Year’ (Assistant Commissioner Craig Ward), ‘Security Application’ (State Command Centre) and ‘Tools & Infrastructure’ (State Command Centre).

    As winners of the State iAwards, these Kinetic IT clients are now finalists at the National iAwards, to be held at the Crown Palladium in Victoria this week.

    The process will see representatives from each category present to a panel of judges from the ICT industry, with the winner being recognised at the National iAwards Gala Dinner on Thursday 9 August.

    Kinetic IT is thrilled to be sponsoring the ‘Project of the Year’ category in support of Australian ICT.

    National winners will then have the opportunity to represent Australia at the Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance Awards in December.

    Kinetic IT would like to wish its clients the best of luck.

  • Kinetic IT is the major sponsor of itSMF Australia’s LEADit 2012

    01 Aug 2012

    Kinetic IT is once again the major sponsor for the itSMF Australia National Conference, LEADit 2012 – the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

    itSMF Australia is a leading internationally recognised, independent organisation that’s 100% dedicated to IT Service Management.

    LEADit 2012, a three day conference held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, offers delegates the opportunity to access leading minds and trends in the IT business sector, with over 500 ITSM professionals in attendance.

    The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Striking Gold’ and will be carried across the exhibition, which showcases sponsors, products and services, as well as a program of sessions, keynote addresses and workshops relating to Service Management.

    As the Diamond Sponsor, Kinetic IT will have the largest presence within the exhibition space, offering delegates the chance to meet and engage with the company’s experienced and certified service management and delivery team members.

    Additionally, Kinetic IT is proud to be supporting the annual Service Management Industry Awards and Gala Dinner, held on Tuesday 21 August, as well as the online Conference App and the Diamond Lounge - giving delegates the best possible chance to communicate and collaborate both virtually and in person.

    With over fifteen years of experience, Kinetic IT is an industry leader in the application of Service Management practices and frameworks and also provides industry training for ITIL v3.

    To view the full LEADit 2012 program, visit


  • Kinetic IT selected to provide ICT services to St John Ambulance

    30 May 2012

    Kinetic IT, Australia’s largest privately owned ICT managed services provider, has been awarded a two year contract to provide a comprehensive range of ICT operations to St John Ambulance.

    St John Ambulance has been serving the Western Australian community for over 100 years, providing ambulance and paramedic care, first aid training and products, plus a variety of community care services.

    “Kinetic IT is thrilled to be St John Ambulance’s supplier in their move from an entirely in-sourced ICT environment to an outsourced model. This will see us supporting over 1000 SJA people directly and positively impacting a further 4000 volunteers throughout the state,” says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.

    “Kinetic IT brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting and maintaining critical I.T. infrastructure,” says Ashley Morris, Technical Services Director at St John Ambulance.

    We are already seeing improvements in performance as a result of their input and we are very pleased to have them on board.”

    As part of the agreement, Kinetic IT will provide a service centre, project management and transition services, server, security, network and storage management, desktop services and support, a standard operating environment and an overarching strategic IT Service Management model.

    According to Mr North, “Kinetic IT’s ability to align ICT services to any organisation’s business objectives, meet industry benchmarks whilst facilitating ongoing improvements, innovation and scalability is a key differentiator in the ICT outsourcing market for us.”

    The delivery of services will be spread across 38 separate locations throughout Western Australia, including 6 primary offices in the CBD and major regional centres, as well as additional volunteer sub-sites which will be supported as required.

    “St John Ambulance’s requirements included an extremely rapid take-up of services, with the majority of services being transitioned within two weeks of Kinetic IT being on site. Our ability to meet such demand is a testament to our focus on eliminating risks and rapid capture of knowledge, often aspects now well understood within most complex ICT environment,” adds Mr North.

    “We’re confident that Kinetic IT and St John Ambulance will continue to build on this relationship throughout and beyond our initial contract – our commitment to continual service improvement is evidenced by the number of longstanding customers we already have.”

  • Kinetic IT helps deliver Australia’s most advanced police command centre for CHOGM

    21 Nov 2011

    Kinetic IT, together with Western Australia Police, has played a major role in delivering the most advanced police command centre in Australia, used to increase security for the duration of the CHOGM program.

    The new Maylands command centre is considered to be among the world’s most cutting edge facilities, commissioned for CHOGM and enabling Western Australia Police to monitor and record over 300 static CCTV camera feeds, 80 in-car video feeds and helicopter camera feeds in real-time. 

    Partnering with local CCTV service providers and working with public authorities and existing installations, the project was able to successfully deliver an integrated, seamless data and video solution.
    “We’re proud to have been a key player in such a large scale and complex project – being selected to project manage the overall technical implementation whilst still designing and implementing the architecture and network has really allowed us to fly the technology flag for WA,” says Kinetic IT CEO Mr. Terry North.
    For the first time in Australia, Kinetic IT was able to help integrate a large-scale portable viewing platform for all camera feeds via a portable device solution – allowing police to view all command centre feeds external to the main command centre. This new technology can be used for future large scale and high security events.
    WA Police Assistant Commissioner and Chief Information Officer Craig Ward says “The command centre allowed for complete situational awareness for WA Police. It provided a completely integrated environment that enabled outside agencies to work together to make decisions that were critical to the overall success of CHOGM.”
    “A number of Western Australia’s leading Chief Information Officers were taken through the facility and were blown away. There is certainly the potential to use the facility for Whole of Government solutions, especially surrounding Disaster Recovery.”
    “Considering the command centre was nothing more than a basketball court in February this year, successfully getting everything up and running in time for CHOGM was no mean feat. The fact that the technology actually stacks up against the planet’s top facilities is a testament to the dedication of everyone involved,” says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.
    Kinetic IT also liaised with third parties throughout the implementation, developed network topology disaster recovery plans, integrated multiple technologies into the Western Australia Police environment and provided around-the-clock operational support for the critical data systems in addition to the normal ‘business as usual’ systems required to support the police response.
    Looking forward, Assistant Commissioner Ward believes the command centre could lead to increased inter-agency integration using a common technology platform, allowing multiple government departments to make use of the world-class command centre technology.  
    “The command centre technology could also potentially be used by agencies such as DEC and FESA to improve response times to critical events,” adds Assistant Commissioner Ward.
    WA Police has been a Kinetic IT customer for more than eight years, with Kinetic IT being awarded a more comprehensive services contract in 2008.


  • Kinetic IT, sponsoring 2011 itSMF Conference in Perth

    11 Jul 2011

    itSMF Australia is the leading internationally recognised, independent organisation dedicated to IT Service Management. Its annual 3 day conference, ‘LEADit', is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere, offering the best opportunity to access ITSM professionals and trends, and attracting high level experts, speakers and sponsors. The annual Industry Awards and Gala Dinner are held on the final night of the conference, recognising achievement and excellence in IT Service Management.

    An Exhibition accompanies the conference, showcasing sponsors, products and services. As the major sponsor, Kinetic IT will have the largest presence within the exhibition space, offering delegates the chance to meet and engage with the company and its people.

    This year, the conference is being held in Perth, themed ‘Mine Information, Engineer the Future'. Kinetic IT has taken up the major sponsorship for this event and as the Diamond sponsor is proud to be supporting the:
    • Gala Dinner and Industry Awards
    • ‘Project of the Year' award
    • Exclusive invitation only event, Executive Leadership Munch

    Kinetic IT is a leading managed services provider, supporting clients with complex ICT infrastructures, critical data and multi layered environments around Australia. We support vertically integrated clients who operate across government, resource, utilities and health sectors and deliver services to hundreds of thousands of people.

    Kinetic IT is an industry leader in the application of Service Management practices and frameworks and also provides industry training for ITIL v3.

    View more information about LeadIT 2011 Conference

  • Victorian Government eServices panel appointment

    01 Jul 2011

    Kinetic IT has been successful in their bid to be included in the renewed Victorian Government eServices panel. Under this arrangement, Kinetic IT will be able to provide a broad range of ICT services to Victorian Government agencies that include management, architecture, training and support.

    Service providers under the eServices Panel have been selected via a highly competitive and rigorous process that demonstrates expertise in the provision of quality ICT services. As an eServices panel member since 2006, Kinetic IT views the renewed appointment as recognition of the quality of their services.

    The new Victorian Government eServices panel takes effect from 1 July 2011. From this date it is mandatory for Victorian Government agencies seeking ICT services to procure from the panel members.

    View information on Victorian Government eServices panel

  • Successful Transition and Service Take up - Metro Trains Melbourne

    02 Mar 2011

    In December 2010 Metro Trains Melbourne (Metro) awarded Kinetic IT preferred supplier status for Service Desk services.  The selection process involved a restricted tender and a detailed evaluation that took place over several months.

    Metro are responsible for Melbourne's metropolitan train network, operating 150 six-carriage trains and servicing over 200 million customers per year. The Metro train network encompasses over 830km of track and 212 stations throughout Melbourne.

    Due to a number of constraints, Metro required take-up of Service Desk services to be undertaken by 31 January 2011. Despite this restricted timeframe, Kinetic IT planned and executed a successful transition, including:

    • Configuration and fit-out of staff accommodation
    • Allocation and recruitment of required staff
    • Installation and configuration of telephony services to support the Service Desk
    • Provision of network connectivity between Metro and Kinetic IT
    • Staff induction, training and client familiarisation
    • ITIL process and service management tool reviews. 


    Feedback from Metro on the quality of services delivered to date and the overall smoothness of the transition process has been overwhelmingly positive, and Kinetic IT look forward to continuing to build on this strong foundation over the term of the contract.


    Metro Trains Melbourne

  • Successful transition - Northern Territory Government

    14 Dec 2010

    Following a consultation process spanning 2008 and 2009, the Northern Territory Government (NTG) went to market for a multi sourced service delivery model, providing service to the whole of government. Kinetic IT was successful in winning the very important Service Centre component of this new delivery model in early 2010 and as such is now the primary interface between the wide range of government departments and service providers in the 14 different IT and telecommunication related contracts.

    Having taken the first 'live' calls on 1 June 2010 Kinetic IT is now in full operational mode following the Transition sign off that took place officially on 30 November 2010. This also marks the commencement of Kinetic IT's Continual Service Improvement program to assist the NTG in continuing to transform the services across the life of the contract.

    The success of the transition is very deserving of commendation. Kinetic IT has received praise for not only setting up tools and processes to monitor and manage the Service Centre for which we are responsible, but also for proactively engaging with the range of service providers and government departments for whom services are provided.

    Kinetic IT is looking forward to the level of service continuing to grow and improve and also expanding, to provide more services offerings to additional customers across the top end of Australia.

  • Service take-up commences on Kinetic IT's newest client

    01 Dec 2010

    Kinetic IT is pleased to announce that following an exhaustive tender process and rapid transition we began delivering services under the Managed Services Agreement with V/Line on 1 December 2010.

    V/Line is Victoria's regional public transport provider, operating more than 1400 train services and 600 coach services every week. During 2008-09, V/Line transported 13.17 million customers on trains and coaches.
    Following a very intense service take-up timeframe the Kinetic IT team have achieved the following key outcomes:
    • Establish a brand new dedicated call centre in our Southbank office
    • Procure and establish brand new management tools, including HP Service Manager 9 and CA Spectrum and eHealth
    • Complete recruitment and on-boarding for required staff
    • Assist with the disengagement of the previous outsourcer and conduct an efficient handover without any disruption to the business
    • Update all infrastructure devices to a base configuration level to allow proactive management of these assets

    The Business Development team, Service Transition team and Service Delivery team have made very positive impressions with our newest customer as evidenced by the following quote:

    "Just as an overall comment it has been remarkable how smooth the transition has been and the initial feedback from people requiring assistance has been excellent."

    Greg Kesby, IT Services Manager, V/Line

    Kinetic IT looks forward to the ongoing stabilisation phase and an enduring and successful relationship with V/Line over the coming years.

    V/Line - Regional public transport for Victoria

  • V/Line selects Kinetic IT as preferred supplier

    19 Oct 2010

    Kinetic IT has been selected as preferred supplier to provide Information Technology Managed Services to V/Line Pty Ltd.

    V/Line is Victoria's regional passenger rail transport provider, operating more than 1,400 train services and 600 connecting coach services each week. V/Line also provides the rail infrastructure that supports the distribution of rail freight across Victoria.

    This was a restricted tender with six companies being invited to respond. Under this contract Kinetic IT will deliver ICT Support Services required by V/Line for its day to day operations including Server, Network (data and voice), Desktop, Security, Disaster Recovery and Service Desk. Planning for transition is currently underway and services are scheduled to commence on 1 December 2010.

    This is a significant win for Kinetic IT and reflects our commitment to growth, which will provide more opportunities for our staff and to extend our customer portfolio. 

  • Kinetic IT gets behind Lancelin Ocean Classic

    11 Oct 2010

    The world renowned Lancelin Ocean Classic is being held from 6-9 January 2011, and this year, Kinetic IT is proud to be principal sponsor.

    The Lancelin Ocean Classic is the most prestigious and longest running windsurfing event in Australia, and from its humble beginnings as a one day local event it now draws hundreds of competitors across three disciplines of the sport, including wave sailing, marathon and slalom. The event attracts world class windsurfers and bring thousands of visitors to Lancelin each year.

    Kinetic IT CEO Terry North has been a passionate and competitive wave sailor for many years. However in 2011 he will be rigging up some race gear for the first time and tackling the gruelling 25 kilometre Lancelin marathon.

    Learn more about the 2011 Lancelin Ocean Classic

  • Building Management and Works Department awards contract to Kinetic IT

    21 Sep 2010

    Today, Kinetic IT was awarded the contract to supply information and communications technology facilities management services to Building Management and Works Department in WA.

    Kinetic IT will deliver ICT services to Building Management and Works (BMW) as a part of the Works Reform Program, tasked with the responsibility of introducing a strategic, coordinated and managed approach to acquisition, fit out and provisioning of ICT services for Government office accommodation.

    The contract involves Kinetic IT delivering ongoing support and management of all ICT services across two buildings with an initial 14 Tenant Agencies involving in excess of 3,500 staff. Over the course of the contract, this is expected grow to include the ICT management of up to 10 government buildings supporting over 10,000 staff and their ICT needs across the majority of Government Agencies in WA.

    Kinetic IT CEO Terry North says he is very proud of Kinetic IT's latest contract signing, and believes that apart from delivering high levels of service to the customer, it will also provide many challenges and opportunities for staff.

  • Looking for a new career? Look no further.

    13 Sep 2010

    Kinetic IT's future is looking bright, and so is yours. We have open roles at our locations all around Australia, so if you're thinking about making a change and want to work for a company that believes in having fun, investing in its people and doing what it says it will do, come and work for us.

    View jobs on Seek

  • ITIL process expertise a big attraction for IT customers

    28 Jul 2010

    Kinetic IT signs a contract with SA Water for service management processes and tools.

    Kinetic IT has been selected to work with SA Water to initiate a project to implement service management processes, assist with service management tool selection and potentially assist in the service management tool implementation.

    Kinetic IT was chosen due to our unique position of using the proposed implementation methodologies and ITIL processes in supporting both our outsourced customer base and numerous external customers. The scope of this contract requires Kinetic IT to apply both business and technical consulting resources to addressing SA Water's service management and tool consolidation objectives whilst considering the existing toolset functionality and integrations requirements.

    SA Water is in the early stages of the Service Management implementation and Kinetic IT has provided further information to assist with future phases of work, namely tool selection and tool implementation services.  Kinetic IT is delighted to have been awarded this contract and views this engagement as a strategic opportunity to grow our business in this state.

  • A truly national service - Northern Territory expansion.

    05 Mar 2010

    Kinetic IT wins contract to provide ICT Services to the Northern Territory Government of Australia (NTG).

    Kinetic IT will be operating the All-of-Government ICT Service Centre for the Northern Territory which is due to commence on 01 June 2010.  This is a strategic package of work under the Northern Territory Government's recently awarded ICT outsourcing arrangements.  Kinetic IT will be employing more than 60 staff locally in Darwin to provide frontline service, support and strategic service management across all ICT service providers.

    The Northern Territory Government of Australia (NTG) recently awarded contracts as part of a Request For Tender (RFT) process that commenced in July 2009. The initial term of the contract is three years with options to extend.

    The purpose of the RFT was to select organisations that can provide services covering the following packages: a central Service Centre, Network Management, Desktop and Server Management, Voice Telephony Management, Voice Carriage, Data Carriage, Internet Carriage and the supply of Hardware to the NTG and its 21 agencies spread across approximately 550 urban and remote sites throughout the Northern Territory.

    The NTG has chosen a multi-vendor ICT sourcing arrangement to drive competition and cost efficiencies.  Kinetic IT has been entrusted with the critical Service Centre package of work which will be the central hub between NTG users and the other service providers.  The Service Centre is responsible for IT Service Management processes, toolsets and reporting. A key focus of this role is to drive continuous service improvement across the end to end delivery of services across the service provider group for NTG.

  • Kinetic IT ends the year with a win

    22 Dec 2009

    Kinetic IT is awarded the contract for the provision of ICT infrastructure services to the Department for Child Protection (DCP) in Western Australia.

    Kinetic IT will deliver managed services encompassing Managed Server, Desktop, Network, Security, Service Desk, Data Centre Services and Project Services for an initial term of five years with options to extend the contract for a further two years.

    This is the third generation of this outsourcing contract and Kinetic IT is the first locally owned services provider to be selected following the two previous arrangements with multi national service providers.

    The contract with DCP is a significant win for Kinetic IT and reinforces our approach to provide a truly tailored solution employing a dedicated resourcing model.  It builds on our existing managed services capability in Western Australia and leverages our coverage of the remote regions and our ability to service these locations utilising our airline transportation logistics.

  • Department of Education and Training contract retained by Kinetic IT

    29 Jan 2009

    Kinetic IT has retained the contract for provision of ICT Infrastructure Support Services for Department of Education and Training for an initial period of three years with a total value of $185,000,000.00. The contract covers services within the following regions:

    • Gascoyne
    • Goldfields/Esperance
    • Great Southern
    • Kinberly
    • Mid West
    • Peel
    • Perth Metropolitan
    • Pilbara
    • South West
    • Wheatbelt


  • WA Police award Provision of ICT Infrastructure Services contract to Kinetic IT

    20 Nov 2008

    Kinetic IT was today awarded an initial 5 year contract with WA Police to the Total Value of $140,000,000.00.

  • Landgate ICT Infrastructure Services contract awarded to Kinetic IT

    17 Jun 2008

    On 17 June 2008, Landgate awarded Kinetic IT an initial five year contract, valued at $173,000,000.00 for Provision of ICT Infrastructure Services.

Kinetic IT is a dynamic and exciting organisation. We'll keep you up to date with the news as it breaks.