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Kinetic IT’s new MAIDE for SIAM Model

Kinetic IT has developed the MAIDE for SIAM model, based on our extensive experience with both SIAM theory and practice, including the design, implementation and operation of SIAM models in various organisations. We’ve released a whitepaper detailing the MAIDE Model and how it can help your organisation take control of its SIAM ecosystem.

Read the whitepaper: MAIDE for SIAM™: An example operational model

What is SIAM?

Organisations today are increasingly consuming ICT services from a diverse range of technology and service providers, capitalising on a growing competitive market.  However, without effective management, a multi-sourced environment can result in increased risk, greater complexity and unwanted additional costs.

Service Integration and Management, or SIAM, is an approach designed to maximise value and optimise performance through the seamless integration of multiple suppliers. Focusing on coordination, collaboration, interoperability and delivery, SIAM creates a single, unified and high-performing ICT ecosystem.

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MAIDE for SIAM Model

To help our customers gain control of their SIAM ecosystem, we developed the Kinetic IT MAIDE Model which encompasses five core functions: Manage, Assure, Improve, Design and Enable, and introduces a Service Integrator role.  Each function operates with a distinct relationship with the Service Integrator and performs specific roles, responsibilities and activities within the customer organisation.

Our MAIDE Model is founded on years of experience in both SIAM theory, and the design, implementation and operation of SIAM models in various enterprise-scale organisations.  Designed more as a guide than a definitive standard, the MAIDE Model can be tailored and adapted to the varying challenges, opportunities and unique requirements of any organisation.

You can read the full MAIDE for SIAM whitepaper here, or head to our website for more SIAM whitepapers and insights. 

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