Leadership Team.

The Kinetic IT Executive Leadership team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, which is essential for sustained success and long-term customer, crew and community value.

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Our Executive
Leadership Team.

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The Kinetic IT Executive Leadership team and Board of Directors is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, which is essential for sustained success and long-term customer, crew and community value.
Envisioned Future

Meet our Executives.

We are an innovative and inspirational organisation, enriching the natural energy of our people and dominating our market entries with secure, smart and forwards thinking solutions and outcomes.
Chief Executive Officer / executive director
As Chief Executive Officer, Michael’s focus is to guide Kinetic IT, achieving continued strategic growth as the company evolves its services and expands into new regions. Committed to future horizons and fostering Kinetic IT’s unique brand of delivery, Michael understands that beyond anything else, the key to achieving the company’s goals is the continued investment into the success of Kinetic IT’s employees, enabling their ability to deliver outstanding services to our customers.
"Nothing makes me prouder than when we bring brilliant talent together and produce outstanding solutions that don’t just solve complex challenges, but have a resounding impact to our customers. This is what we mean by delivering genuine success."
Chief Financial Officer
Kinetic IT’s “numbers guru”, Russell has a wealth of experience across all aspects of financial, regulatory, and commercial management. As CFO, Russell is responsible for Kinetic IT’s financial operations, managing the company’s corporate finance, business systems and intelligence, financial services, and business technology functions. Russell plays a fundamental role in supporting Kinetic IT’s strategy through strategic, financial, and commercial leadership.
"Kinetic IT’s growth story is underpinned by a commitment to equilibrium across customer, crew, company and community. Focusing on this balance drives value and success that leads to the right numbers, rather than being ‘driven by the numbers’."
Chief People Officer
Rowena is a devoted employee advocate and champion of diversity and inclusivity. As Chief People Officer, she is responsible for developing Kinetic IT’s talent management philosophy and implementing contemporary practices which support achievement of the company’s strategic objectives, drive meaningful change and enhance Kinetic IT’s competitive position.
"Our customers and their success isn’t seen as separate from our company and our success. Instead we see the two as intricately intertwined throughout our operational DNA… and that is our (not so) secret sauce."
Chief Solutions Officer

Inspired by advanced technologies and data science, Brett’s creativity and passion are nurtured through his industry and community involvement, and mentoring of many emerging leaders in Kinetic IT. As CSO, Brett plays a critical role in advancing the company’s strategic and market position through solution innovation, brand evolution and building a culture of agility and innovation.

"Being part of a company that is genuinely trying to make a difference is amazing. Kinetic IT inspires me the most when our people come together to solve complex challenges with a triple win for our customers, crew and the community."
Chief Operating Officer
As Chief Operating Officer, Shane has oversight of Kinetic IT’s managed services business. His main focus is to ensure that we are delivering great service and commercial value to our customers. A key component of this is ensuring we understand their industry dynamics and key drivers and constantly look for ways to innovate and support them towards their business goals.
"Since joining Kinetic IT, I have seen how driven our crew are to make a difference to our customers and communities by bringing out the best in people and technology – this includes some of Australia’s most iconic and important institutions. It’s a pleasure to be on the team.
Chief Digital Officer

Matt Hallewell, appointed as Chief Digital Officer, brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to Kinetic IT’s professional consultancy practice. With a distinguished career marked by transformative leadership, Matt is responsible for driving strategic growth and expansion, particularly in cybersecurity, service integration, and cloud & data offerings. Matt holds a Bachelor of Science In Industrial and Business Systems from DeMontfort University in the UK, complementing his extensive professional experience. His academic background and practical insights equip him with a holistic understanding of the intersection between business and technology to drive increased value for our customers.

"Helping customers to harness the full potential of digital innovation is a key component of business transformation. I'm driven by the thrill of creating solutions that not only tackle intricate problems but also leave a lasting impact on our customers' journey."
Group Executive / Customer Success & Transformation

Fascinated by the seemingly limitless potential of technology as a business enabler, Mark’s brain has always been hardwired for a future in this ever-evolving field.  Mark is integral in the delivery of critical major projects and large-scale, multi-million-dollar customer transformations, identifying new growth opportunities and supporting the continued professional development of our crew.

"We want to create an environment and culture where our crew can be successful in their careers, and where our company continuously adapts to the rapidly changing technology landscape to always deliver the best outcomes for our customers."
Group Executive / Federal, Defence & Emergency Services

Leighton is recognised for his commitment to achieving strategic success for our customers, building enduring relationships, and optimising service delivery through insight-led solutions.

"Situational leadership is the key to adapting your problem solving capability around challenging circumstances and amplifying diversity in the workplace. People, like situations, are unique and require pragmatism."
Group Executive / Government, Education & Critical Infrastructure

Wayne combines his passion for customer transformation, crew development and community engagement to make a real and positive impact where it counts.  As a Group Executive in Delivery Services, Wayne is committed to guiding our customers to drive meaningful change and identifying opportunities to grow our regional footprint.

"There is no typical Kinetic IT crew member. We embrace everyone’s individuality, allowing our crew to be themselves and appreciating the value it adds to our culture."
Group Executive / Transport, Resources, Energy & Commercial

Cassie is a highly-regarded leader, with a reputation for building strong relationships and connections with customers and industry stakeholders. Well-known across Kinetic IT for her leadership, business acumen and customer-centricity, Cassie is responsible for Managed Services delivery across the Transport, Resources, Energy & Commercial portfolio.

"I’m immensely proud of the work our crew do to ensure customers and the communities they serve deliver outstanding experiences across our networks, every day. I know our innovative and passionate crew are all-in when it comes to solving today’s problems through smart technology solutions."
Group Executive / Corporate Performance

For Richard, there’s more to business than making a profit. Beyond providing a return to shareholders, what truly defines a company’s value is the positive impact it has on its customers and community. As Group Executive of Corporate Performance, Richard is focused on building a sustainable and thriving organisation empowered by quality assured commercial practices and strong ethical corporate performance.

"We’re passionate about what we do, we work as a team and have a little (a lot!) of fun along the way."


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