HowWe Work

We're playing our part in building a bright and sustainable future for our industry and communities.

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HowWe Work

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We’re playing our part in building a bright and sustainable future for our industry and communities.

HowWe Work

We’re playing our part in building a bright and sustainable future for our industry and communities.

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"Our Industry and Community Participation Programs are tailored to the regions in which we live and work. Whether it's launching a veterans employment program in Canberra, visiting schools in WA to promote STEM careers or funding scholarships for career switchers in regional Victoria, we've always been proud to say our programs have had a real, genuine impact on the local community and the future of our industry."
Jessica Todd
Jessica Todd
Senior Manager, DEI & Participation

We care about doing the right thing.

We care about doing the right thing. This means staying true to our values, making ethical decisions and building authentic relationships underpinned by trust, fairness and respect. Beyond our reputation for providing high quality, customer-centric IT services, Kinetic IT is recognised for our commitment to operating with integrity. From the controls we put in place to preserve and protect critical data, to the professionalism and dignity we demonstrate when responding to market opportunities and the responsibility we uphold to making a positive impact to the communities we serve. We respect fundamental human rights and believe it is incumbent on Australian organisations to protect against the repression and mistreatment of vulnerable individuals and businesses through sustainable and responsible supply chain management. Our Modern Slavery Statement sets out the steps we take to identify and mitigate modern slavery in our supply chain. We maintain compliance with the laws and regulations of the regions where we operate and the standards of our industry. Kinetic IT’s purpose, values and policies guide the decisions we make and the actions we take as a company and as individuals. We provide our crew, suppliers and stakeholders with clear direction about Kinetic IT’s expectations of fairness, transparency and accountability. This includes speaking up and reporting unethical, illegal and undesirable conduct, supported by our Whistleblower Protection Policy.

Our culture fosters equality, diversity and inclusivity.

We recognise there are members of our community who face significant barriers to exploring and pursuing meaningful careers in the IT industry. Through our belief that all Australians should have fair and equitable opportunities, we work with community and industry leaders to develop programs that break down these barriers. Recognising innovation and technological advancement as a fuel for the sustainment and progression of our economy and society, we commit to building capability in the STEM lifecycle. This includes offering traineeships and apprenticeships to young, mature and Indigenous students, participating in school incursion programs such as Women in Technology WA’s (WiTWA) Techtrails, and active sponsorship engagements. Kinetic IT is committed to building a progressive culture and workplace that fosters equality, diversity and inclusivity across our business. Our ethos is that every individual has an equal opportunity to contribute, grow and achieve their aspirations.  It’s not just ‘the right thing to do’, we know that having a diverse range of voices and perspectives is healthy and good for business and plays a key role in maintaining our competitive advantage. We guide and monitor our progress through our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, internal initiatives and annual reporting to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

We contribute to the protection and progression of our society.

For Kinetic IT, operating sustainably means contributing to the protection and progression of our society, environment and economy, and leaving the world in a better place than when we found it. We recognise that healthy, thriving communities are empowered through secure employment, a healthy balance between work and family life, and meaningful opportunities for all. Kinetic IT supports gainful employment, professional enrichment and community connection for our crew and their families through company and partnership cultural, value and social sustainability programs. Our environmental sustainability policy outlines our commitment to protect and support our natural environment. Our focus on efficient and environmentally sound technology-led solutions for ourselves and our customers continues to contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint. We carefully select our partners and suppliers for their ethical and responsible practices related to health and safety, environmental sustainability, and sound social and governance performance. We promote and support fair and equitable opportunities for Australian and Indigenous people to compete for and secure meaningful work.

We strive to create a healthy and safe Progressive Culture and Workplace.

Kinetic IT embraces a proactive culture that empowers our crew to maintain a robust and sound work environment and return home healthy and safe every day. Our approach is collaborative and adaptive, ensuring we meet the evolving needs of the diverse industries, geographies and environments we work in. Our Health and Safety policy, together with our certified and compliant systems and practices set the minimum standard for Kinetic IT and are complemented by our crew embracing our customers’ standards as our own. We strive to create a healthy and secure workplace where our crew feel supported and have access to the tools they need to thrive. To support our crew’s health and wellbeing, we adopt holistic approaches to mental wellness, emotional security, financial health, nutrition and general welfare. Key initiatives include a comprehensive employee assistance program, flu vaccinations, mental health and positive leadership training, and a digital health and wellbeing hub. We aspire to be a workplace that champions mental health and reduces the stigma attached to this important societal issue. We believe in leading by example and working in partnership with our customers and crew to create mentally healthy working environments which promote sustainable change in workplace wellness.