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From Trainee to CEO: Anything is Possible at Kinetic IT

We believe in the power of possibility when it comes to career pathways in the technology sector. People who start on the IT Service Desk can find themselves anywhere — even in the C-Suite. We love investing in individuals to pursue their career goals, because no two pathways look the same.

Our latest cohort of trainees encapsulates this ethos perfectly. Through our partnership with Integrity Business College, three exceptional individuals have completed their Certificate III in Information Technology and are now embarking on their own career journeys with Kinetic IT.

These individuals are more than their achievements; they are unique personalities who bring warmth, diversity, and dynamism to our team. 

Let’s get to know them and why they’ve become so integral to our crew at Kinetic IT.

IT Traineeships Let’s Meet the Crew

Nathan Crosthwaite: Quiet Strength and Thoughtful Contribution

Nathan Crosthwaite Kinetic IT

Nathan Crosthwaite with Dylan Venables, Operations Manager at Integrity Business College

Nathan Crosthwaite, a member of our Northern Territory team, is known for his quiet demeanor and thoughtful approach.  

Starting in our Service Centre which supports the Northern Territory Government, Nathan’s meticulous nature made a significant impact from day one. He stepped out of his comfort zone to work collaboratively and effectively with the customer’s in-house teams and Kinetic IT crew. 

Those who know him say Nathan’s efforts showcase great adaptability, and a willingness to contribute meaningfully to the team, as well as the customers and communities we serve.

The world is your oyster, Nathan! 

Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Dimalanta: Enthusiasm and Insight

IBC Trainees 2024 2

Ezekiel Dimalanta with Kinetic IT crew members at the WA Department of Education

Ezekiel Dimalanta, or Zeke, is a burst of enthusiasm within the Kinetic IT crew supporting the WA Department of Education.  

His energetic approach and insightful questions have made him a standout team member, with great results to show for it. We spoke directly with Zeke about his time with Kinetic IT so far:

The whole team at the Department of Education account has been very friendly and has taught me many things. Even though I have finished my Cert III in IT, it does not mean my educational journey has ended, Kinetic IT offers many courses in Percipio that I can study and upskill myself.  Kinetic IT also offers opportunities to progress into different roles, and secondments, with this I hope to find my career pathway within Kinetic IT and the IT industry.

Ezekiel Dimalanta

Zeke’s early completion of his Certificate III in Information Technology, and his role in training new team members, could mean a pathway into team leadership is on the cards. Go Zeke!

Deidre ‘Dee’ Edwards: A Fresh Start with Boundless Opportunities

IBC Trainees 2024 5

Deidre ‘Dee’ Edwards with Dylan Venables, Operations Manager at Integrity Business College

Deidre Edwards, or Dee, joined Kinetic IT to make a fresh start. 

“I honestly didn’t expect to secure the traineeship, given I was 36, and had absolutely no experience. But Kinetic IT doesn’t see age, they see potential and provide you the opportunity you need.” 

Dee Edwards

Dee entered the IT industry with a mind to specialise in Cyber Security, but now she’s excited to explore her options with Kinetic IT’s full support. Thanks to her hard work during her traineeship, Dee landed a full-time role as a Service Desk Technician. Now, she’s diving into shift work at the Department of Justice and exploring Access Management as she embarks on her new career journey. 

“I especially couldn’t have done it without Kinetic IT, Paul from the Department of Education, and Toby, Luke and Maria for the Department of Justice. Thank you.” 

Dee Edwards

Christian Maturan: Versatility and Community Spirit

Christian Maturan’s journey in security specialism is marked by versatility and a strong sense of community.  

Participating in our cross-sector traineeship incubator program, Christian gained experience through work with the Northern Territory Government’s Data Centre unit, as well as contributing to the important Banned Drinking Register program run by the Northern Territory Police.  

With his certificate and growing number of experiences now under his belt, Christian is on a pathway into security. You should be very proud, Christian!

IBC Trainees 2024 4

Christian Maturan with his Certificate III in Information Technology

Embracing Diversity and Celebrating People

We’re delighted that 75% of trainees have chosen to continue their journey with Kinetic IT, with a variety of pathways opening to our newest crew members.

We look forward to seeing where their careers will take them. Congratulations to our graduates – your journeys inspire us.


Are you interested in training while working with Kinetic IT?

Through on the job training, cadetships, offering part-time and flexible working opportunities, we’re proud to contribute to a prosperous and secure future for our nation, enabled by outstanding IT solutions and professionals. 

Check out our career opportunities and read more about the benefits of starting your career in IT with a traineeship. 

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