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Kinetic IT proudly sponsors Scopism Global SIAM Survey 5-Year whitepaper

Australian technology solutions provider Kinetic IT is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the Scopism Global SIAM Survey 5-Year Whitepaper.

Download the Global SIAM 5-year Survey Whitepaper

The annual data-gathering survey, run by United Kingdom-based IT management support body Scopism, is celebrating five years of connecting Service Integration and Management (SIAM) professionals by releasing a whitepaper that analyses trends from 2018 through to today. The whitepaper consists of data analysis and commentary by Kinetic IT SIAM professionals, as well as global experts in the field.

Kinetic IT’s Head of Consulting Services, Kevin O’Sullivan, said the 5-year SIAM whitepaper provided key information on how and where the specialism is growing and how it is delivering great outcomes for organisations.

“As a company committed to driving innovation and best practices in the industry, Kinetic IT recognises the value of the SIAM approach in achieving collaborative and efficient service delivery. Our sponsorship underscores Kinetic IT’s dedication to supporting research and thought leadership in the field of SIAM.

“This SIAM dataset provides valuable insights that can help inform organisations undertaking SIAM, as well as SIAM professionals around the world, including here in Australia. Thank you to Scopism for facilitating these surveys over the past five years, we’ve been proud to be involved as a partner sponsor.”

Global SIAM survey edited
Kinetic IT Head of Consulting Services, Kevin O’Sullivan, said the latest whitepaper “provides valuable insights that can help inform organisations undertaking SIAM”.

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Claire Agutter, founder and Director at Scopism, said:

“The first annual SIAM survey provided some great insights into SIAM adoption around the world including the benefits and challenges associated with this type of operating model. Now that we have five years of data, we can start to see additional trends as well as looking at SIAM in the context of the significant global events of the past few years.

“Organisations that adopt a SIAM model increase their resilience and flexibility, a valuable asset in today’s rapidly changing business environment.”

Claire Agutter Scopism photo edited
Claire Agutter is founder and director of United Kingdom-based IT management support body Scopism.

Global SIAM survey findings integral for IT professionals

The Scopism Global SIAM Survey is a highly regarded industry resource providing industry context into the adoption, trends and challenges faced by organisations implementing SIAM practices worldwide.

With the release of the 5-year whitepaper, this partnership between Kinetic IT and Scopism strengthens the foundation of knowledge and understanding around SIAM and its impact on service management.

Concurrently, the dataset provides SIAM professionals around the world with intimate knowledge of common experiences those in the industry face, and real-world advice from practitioners on how to tackle these.

Claire said surveying SIAM professionals contributed to driving industry-wide improvements.

“This whitepaper will serve as a comprehensive resource, offering valuable insights and data-driven analysis to organisations seeking to enhance their service integration capabilities. Thank you to Kinetic IT for sponsoring this whitepaper and the sixth annual SIAM survey later this year.”

Kevin said Kinetic IT was committed to driving SIAM adoption and advancement across Australia and the broader industry.

“At Kinetic IT, we understand the importance of SIAM in achieving efficient and effective service delivery. By analysing the data collected from the survey, this whitepaper offers valuable insights into the benefits of implementing SIAM, critical success factors and the emerging trends in the field.”

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Find out more about SIAM

SIAM is a vital framework that enables organisations to streamline their service delivery by effectively integrating and managing multiple service providers. As technology ecosystems become more complex and interconnected, the need for robust service integration practices becomes increasingly important.

The Scopism Global SIAM Survey 5-Year Whitepaper provides organisations with valuable insights to help them navigate this complex landscape and achieve successful outcomes. Visit the Scopism website for more information about the Global SIAM Survey.

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