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SIAM Archetypes whitepaper: Grow your service integration success

Are you a collaborative Dolphin, overseeing Owl, an operationally busy Ant, or an adaptive Fox? Find out in our latest SIAM Archetypes Whitepaper.

What is SIAM?

Service Integration and Management, or SIAM, can enable significant business benefits for complex, multi-provider service environments. Like any best practice, SIAM is ‘common sense, written down’, but common sense isn’t common and sometimes it is hard to know where to start and what to do.

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The SIAM Bodies of Knowledge explain the full theory to go from ‘zero to hero’ with SIAM. Whilst this is necessary to provide a global practice, pragmatically most organisations don’t start at zero. But more importantly, they don’t necessarily want to be a hero either, or at least not in the short term – they just want to get started somewhere.

According to Oxford Languages, an Archetype is ‘a very typical example of a certain person or thing’. The Kinetic IT Archetypes for SIAM can be considered streamlined versions of the best practice. They explain how an organisation can direct its focus and effort on only those elements of SIAM that are most relevant for them and thus simplify a SIAM implementation or improvement.

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Kinetic IT’s SIAM Archetypes Whitepaper

Our SIAM Archetypes whitepaper is here, looking at how this approach can inform your organisation’s service management and integration transformation.

SIAM Archetypes whitepaper: download now [1.5MB]

Thank you to our service integration and management (SIAM) specialists Simon Dorst and Michelle Major-Goldsmith for being lead authors on this whitepaper, alongside contributors Adam Martin, Steve Robinson, Dennis Woolcock, Ian Christie, Narita Prieto and our Friends of SIAM Community of Practice.

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