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AWS Well-Architected Framework Review.

Kinetic IT partners with AWS Cloud to deliver the Well-Architected Framework Review and help Australian organisations optimise their cloud environment.

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As the gold standard in cloud practices, the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) empowers businesses to build secure, resilient, and sustainable cloud solutions on the AWS cloud platform.

The AWS WAFR is built around six pillars – Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimisation, and Sustainability – and provides a solid foundation for success in the cloud. Kinetic IT harnesses this world-class framework to build scalable, cost-effective, and high-performing cloud solutions.

Get in touch with our cloud experts to find out how the AWS WAFR can unlock the full potential of your cloud environment and drive your cloud transformation.

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The 6 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review.

The 6 pillars of the AWS WAFR offer a proven foundation to evaluate cloud environments and identify areas for improvement and optimisation. Kinetic IT will assess your cloud architecture against the 6 pillars and design exceptional cloud solutions with enhanced security and efficiency, while reducing costs and risks. With the guidance of our AWS cloud experts, your organisation will gain invaluable insights and unlock the pathway to excellence in the cloud.

Drive operational excellence by streamlining processes and automating tasks. We’ll help your organisation improve resource utilisation, reduce downtime, increase overall efficiency, and ultimately achieve success in your cloud transformation.
Implementing robust protection of your data, systems, and assets in the cloud is critical. We are experts in building comprehensive security measures to prevent data breaches, manage access, detect security events, and build trust with your customers.
Your organisation needs resilient systems that recover quickly and adapt to changing demands. We’ll help you with recovery planning to reduce the risk of business disruption, minimise downtime, and provide a consistent experience for your customers.
Performance Efficiency
Streamline allocation of IT resources and optimise overall system performance. We ensure your workloads meet performance requirements, scale seamlessly, and maintain responsiveness as your business evolves.
Cost Optimisation
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Maximise the value of cloud resources and avoid unnecessary expenses. We’ll identify cost-saving opportunities, scale without overspending, and leverage pricing models, leading to a greater return on your cloud investment.
We’re looking to a greener future in the cloud. We’ll help your organisation understand the shared responsibility model for sustainability and reduce the energy consumption of your cloud workloads, all while maximising efficiency.

Kinetic IT's AWS Well-Architected Framework Review process.

While we tailor every AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) process to the unique needs and goals of our customers, this is a general guide to what you can expect when you undertake an AWS WAFR with Kinetic IT.

Kinetic ITs AWS Well Architected Framework Review process

Identify the scope and conduct the AWS WAFR.

We’ll work together to define the scope of the review, including the specific workload or application to be assessed. Our cloud experts will review your current workload and solutions against the AWS WAFR and work with your team to gain a complete 360-degree view of your cloud environment.


Analyse the findings and create a roadmap.

We’ll analyse the review findings and identify potential risks and specific areas for improvement. This includes determining where workloads don’t align with best practices, any potential security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and inefficient cost utilisation.


Implement and validate the changes.

Our cloud experts will work with you to execute the action plan and implement the necessary changes, from modifying architecture and reconfiguring services to enhancing security measures or adjusting cost management practices. We’ll also validate and test the improvements, analyse performance metrics, and monitor the workload in production to ensure a successful outcome.


Keep collaborating.

The AWS WAFR is an iterative process, designed to ensure ongoing alignment with best practices and to address new challenges or changes in business needs. We’ll stay in touch with you to conduct regular reviews and help evolve your cloud practice from initial development to full optimisation.

Get in touch with our cloud experts.

Find out how the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review can help your organisation achieve your cloud transformation goals.

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