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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traineeship program at Kinetic IT now open

Australian technology services provider Kinetic IT is proud to announce the first intake for its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traineeships program.

Working with Kinetic IT’s long-time customer, the Western Australian Department of Education, trainees will come on board with the company for an initial 12 months while continuing their Certificate III in Information Digital Media and Technology studies.

The paid traineeships offer those new to the IT industry hands-on work experience, learning the ropes and building up their capabilities across customer service, infrastructure, incident management, cyber security and more.

Multiple Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traineeships are available at the East Perth location with the first intake due to come on board from August 1 2022.

Kinetic IT’s Head of Capability, Mary Shaw, says the organisation looks forward to bringing the trainees on board.

“I encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are intrigued and curious about IT to throw their hat in the ring and apply. This industry is really fun and exciting, with so many career pathways to follow depending on what takes your interest.

“I’m looking forward to welcoming our eight trainees into our crew and watching them deliver fantastic outcomes which support our customer’s work to provide education to school children across Western Australia.”

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Kinetic IT's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traineeships are now open

About Kinetic IT’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traineeships

How many traineeships are available?

There are eight Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traineeships available, based at Kinetic IT’s customer location in East Perth. Each traineeship lasts for 12 months.

Is this a paid traineeship?

Each trainee is paid a full-time salary which covers their time at work and learning time as they work towards gaining a Certificate III in IT (38 hours a week).

What do the traineeships involve?

Learning will be three hours a fortnight, delivered remotely which provides great flexibility for trainees.

Outside of learning, trainees will be well supported by Kinetic IT crew to gain hands-on experience across different teams and skills.

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Do I need IT experience?

No IT experience is needed! Kinetic IT is looking for trainees who enjoy customer service and delivering great outcomes which support public education in Western Australia. You can find out more about the WA Department of Education on its website.

How do I apply?

Interested candidates can apply for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traineeships online. Applications close July 29.

You can also send your CV direct to quoting ‘Traineeship WA’.

Get in touch with our careers team for more information and find out more about life at Kinetic IT.

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