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Spears, Enigmas and Quantum Computing: Anthony Jones presents

BSides Perth cyber security conference is the place to connect and learn from the industry’s biggest cyber security experts. Including the chance to meet some of our amazing PROTECT+ crew members. This year we have lined up our best and brightest, who will be available all weekend at this year’s event!

Anthony Jones, Kinetic IT PROTECT+ Security Consultant will be presenting “Spears, Enigmas and Quantum Computing – Gur Ribyhgvba bs Rapelcgvba naq Jne”. Read on to decipher what that means!

BSides Perth 2021 - Spears, Enigmas and Quantum Computing

Meet your presenter

Anthony Jones, Kinetic IT PROTECT+ Security Consultant will be presenting “Spears, Enigmas and Quantum Computing – Gur Ribyhgvba bs Rapelcgvba naq Jne”. FYI – Gur Ribyhgvba bs Rapelcgvba naq Jne is the second part of the title encrypted using the ROT13 cipher – hint hint.

Over the past 10 years, Anthony has worked in hybrid risk management across the cyber security, operational and Occupational Health & Safety domains. Before life at Kinetic IT, he worked as an IT consultant and an Occupational Therapist. Throughout Anthony’s career, he has always been passionate about the impact cyber security can have on people and the world. An impact demonstrated emphatically during the wars of the past and present.

“We’ll look into the future, and what quantum computing might mean for the cyber wars of tomorrow.”

Spears, Enigmas and Quantum Computing

If you haven’t already guessed, Anthony’s presentation is about the role of cryptography in war, where he’ll discuss the encryption techniques used, how they were broken, and the resounding consequences for wars and beyond.  From Spartan General’s spears and saving millions of lives, to the creation of the only uncrackable cryptographic method and the laying of the foundation for the creation of the modern computer, cryptography has played a critical role throughout wars, and the ripple effects have helped define modern society.

Anthony will also explore the role of quantum computing in the cyber wars of tomorrow. Is quantum computing a realistic threat to cryptographic methods utilised today? Will we have to fundamentally change the cryptography that we use? How might we protect our data against it?

Unearth cryptography with Anthony at this year’s BSides event.

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The BSides event

BSidesWA’s biggest cyber security conference will be held over the 18-19 of September at the UWA Business school campus. You’ll hear from presenters on a range of topics from Offensive RFID/NFC to cryptography in warfare. For more information visit the BSides website.

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