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3 ServiceNow AI tools revolutionising IT service delivery

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves across the IT industry, but there’s one sector where it’s having a truly radical impact – IT service delivery. Kinetic IT Principal Consultant, Dan Spada, shares his insights on the AI advancements in service delivery over the past decade and picks his top three ServiceNow AI tools that are having the biggest impact on business right now.

The evolution of ServiceNow AI tools

As a Principal Consultant for Kinetic IT’s ServiceNow practice, and working with ServiceNow technology for almost a decade, I have witnessed first-hand the revolutionary impact of AI on IT service provision. It was just a few years ago that manual categorisation of incidents and requests occurred, which led to an inefficient triage process and a haphazard allocation of resources. This is no longer the case.

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Thanks to AI, we are witnessing a transformation that has streamlined service delivery, including the introduction of a range of ServiceNow AI tools. We’re now seeing these ServiceNow AI tools saving our customers significant time and effort.

By automating routine tasks, reducing manual request categorisation, and prioritising resource allocation, ServiceNow AI tools have enabled IT departments to focus more on strategic initiatives, larger and more complex work, and high-value projects. This has led to a significant reduction in operational costs, and improved service delivery times for our customers.

Furthermore, the use of AI has allowed IT departments to respond more efficiently to changing business needs, providing quicker value to the customer. By automating processes, businesses can remain agile and competitive.

As Principal Consultant, my focus is on empowering Kinetic IT’s customers to harness the power of these ServiceNow AI tools, streamline IT service delivery, and respond faster to changing business needs.

To achieve this, our customers are utilising several AI technologies. Here are three ServiceNow AI tools that are making significant impacts on the business landscape in Australia and worldwide.

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1. Predictive Intelligence

ServiceNow’s Predictive Intelligence capability enables organisations to anticipate and mitigate potential IT issues before they occur. Using advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse historical data, Predictive Intelligence identifies patterns and trends, providing actionable insights to inform proactive decision-making and incident prevention.

2. Virtual Agent

ServiceNow Virtual Agent is an AI-powered chatbot that automates customer service operations. It provides a natural language interface for customers to receive support, guidance, and information. Virtual Agent accesses data from different sources to provide personalised and contextual responses to customers.

By reducing wait times and providing 24 hours, 7 days a week support, ServiceNow Virtual Agent improves the customer experience, increases efficiency, and reduces costs.

3. AI Search

Unlike traditional keyword-matching search engines, ServiceNow AI Search employs Natural Language Understanding (NLU) which leverages machine learning algorithms to better understand the intent of user search queries and their context. This enables more accurate and relevant search results, saving users significant time and effort by reducing the need for manual filtering and categorisation.

Overall, AI Search, Virtual Agent, and Predictive Intelligence are all powerful ServiceNow AI tools that improve IT service delivery, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs. We’re looking forward to seeing how these innovative tools continue to revolutionise the ServiceNow ecosystem.

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About Daniel Spada

Dan Spada

A Kinetic IT crew member for 18 years, Daniel Spada is the Principal Consultant within the company’s ServiceNow practice. Based in Perth, Dan is a ServiceNow Certified Master Architect and is a highly respected consultant across Australia. His experience spans Enterprise Service Management tools and application development, having worked on a wide range of transformations, projects, and products for customers across several industries including mining, transportation, utilities, and government.

You can find Dan Spada on LinkedIn. Read more about Kinetic IT’s ServiceNow practice.

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