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Service integration and management saves money – here are 3 more golden reasons to implement SIAM

The 2023 Scopism Global SIAM Survey whitepaper is here, sponsored by Kinetic IT. This year, more than 200 industry players responded, revealing the experiences of service integration and management (SIAM) professionals and organisations leveraging the methodology worldwide. In a time of significant global economic challenges, one particular strategic driver has stood out in the 2023 Global SIAM Survey’s results: cost reduction.

SIAM saves money – this is not the be-all and end-all of service integration and management, but we know it is a key reason organisations take up SIAM. In this insight, Kinetic IT SIAM specialists Narita Néron and Michelle Major-Goldsmith identify three golden reasons service integration and management can help any organisation, at any size and stage of the journey.

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SIAM saves money

SIAM saves money – but that’s not all

In the 2023 Global SIAM Survey whitepaper, we’ve highlighted the significance of redefining service integration and management beyond its role as a cost-saving initiative. No doubt cost reduction holds allure to organisations, but SIAM can offer a wealth of potential advantages in achieving your organisational aspirations. In a world where generative AI could automate up to 44 per cent of the tasks being undertaken by Australian workers across the economy, service integration and management and its human skills will become more essential. It is key, then, to consider the array of SIAM skills as equal to cost savings when evaluating SIAM’s overall value proposition. Here are three other golden reasons to consider the methodology.

Improve your service quality

In the context of organisational dynamics, SIAM teams play a pivotal role as integrators, establishing a vital connection between a customer and the technology or services they employ. The absence of a service integration and management capability often creates a noticeable disconnect between the business and its technology environment. This underscores why organisations should and can leverage SIAM, acknowledging that they are essential change agents in enabling seamless collaboration between the business operations and its tech stack.

Beyond integration, SIAM serves as a beacon of transparency, shedding light on service performance by gauging how well a service aligns with customer expectations and delivers optimal value for money. Additionally, SIAM offers a holistic perspective on service quality, scrutinising whether service delivery and performance remain attuned to the ever-evolving needs of the business. The concept of service quality, as we see it, hinges on how customers perceive the value of their services and technology. Recognising that customer needs and technology needs change over time, SIAM teams assume a critical responsibility in ensuring that services consistently meet and adapt to these dynamic and ever-changing demands. – Narita Néron

Narita Neron
Canberra-based SIAM specialist Narita Néron says yes SIAM saves money but it can also greatly enhance your long-term service quality.

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Create genuine agility across your organisation

Yes, SIAM saves money, but have you considered the significant skills opportunity it offers? Adaptability is a critical trait for professionals to be able to readily embrace change and shifting priorities. By implementing a service integration and management culture, you can cultivate and amplify agility within your organisation.

I’m passionate about fostering agility within organisations. However, what perturbs me is the excessive and often misused buzzwords prevalent in business discourse. These terms – like agility, responsiveness, disruption, velocity, transformation, and others – can drive improvements when genuinely understood and correctly applied. Yet, it is crucial to distinguish between authentic agility and the aimless navigation from one idea to another without a clear purpose, inaccurately labelled as “being agile”.

Genuine agility is not a random or whimsical endeavour; it is a managed and deliberate practice. It revolves around cultivating the capacity to respond effectively rather than incessantly altering course without direction. Start with the end in mind. To construct agility, we must nurture the ability to shift and adapt as dictated by business goals and drivers. This demands the development of competencies across three dimensions: people, processes, and tools. In SIAM ecosystems, where multiple dynamics are at play, the structural elements, like governance boards, process forums, and ad hoc working groups, play a pivotal role in promoting collaboration across SIAM layers. Additionally, the significance of shared goals, team empowerment, decentralised decision-making, and the establishment of adaptable ways of working is central. Furthermore, instilling agility is synonymous with nurturing a unified “one-team” culture, acknowledging the service integrator as the embodiment of the ‘voice of the customer,’ and empowering them to enact that role is crucial. In essence, SIAM represents a holistic approach, not solely aimed at cost efficiency but equally focused on elevating adaptability and teamwork within the organisation. – Michelle Major-Goldsmith

Achieve your strategic organisational aspirations

Agility is the cornerstone of adaptability, and in this economy, it is incumbent on organisations to be adaptive to achieve their strategic business goals. It’s not about impulsive change – instead, it’s about crafting a strategic capability to respond effectively. In a SIAM ecosystem, adaptation aligned with business goals and drivers is key. ‘Loose coupling’ is a pivotal concept in service integration and management that promotes flexibility and adaptability. It refers to the deliberate design of the SIAM model and its interfaces to be independent, allowing for easy integration or removal of services based on changing technological and business needs. Loose coupling minimises interdependencies, enables a more agile and responsive ecosystem, and reduces the risk of disruption when on- and off-boarding service providers.

At a high level, SIAM and its skillset makes the achievement of moving targets and objectives attainable. Your organisation will be better equipped to shift with evolving business imperatives while maintaining seamless service delivery. In this strategic amalgamation of agility and SIAM, the result is an ecosystem finely tuned to synchronise with business goals, harness the dynamism of technological change, and pivot with precision to deliver on organisational objectives. – Michelle Major-Goldsmith

International Standard for SIAM
Service integration and management specialist Michelle Major-Goldsmith wants organisations to consider additional benefits as well as the fact that SIAM saves money.

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SIAM can and will work for your organisation

Yes, SIAM saves money and delivers cost efficiency for your organisation but there are so many more reasons to implement SIAM. As the workforce adopts greater automation and augmentation with tools such as artificial intelligence, human skills such as agility, analysis and communication will have greater value and emphasis placed on them.

A service integration and management framework within your organisation can and will foster these essential skills – and more!

Service integration and management at Kinetic IT

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