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Kinetic IT, LIFT Alliance win big at 2022 CRN Impact Awards

Leading technology services provider Kinetic IT, along with its LIFT Alliance partners, has been named as the winner of the Channel Collaboration Award at the 2022 CRN Impact Awards.

2022 CRN Impact Awards

The awards were held on the Gold Coast on 25 August, with Kinetic IT’s Guy Perry accepting the award on behalf of the consortium.

“On behalf of all those involved in the LIFT Alliance, I’m proud to accept this award,” Guy said in front of the more than 200 attendees at the event. “Thank you for this honour. It’s recognition of the vital work ICT professionals do to support public education in Western Australia.”

The consortium, established in 2021, brings together a diverse group of technology specialists who deliver end-to-end ICT services to the Department’s more than 800 public schools.

The CRN Impact Awards celebrate the technology providers delivering outcomes for customer organisations and building Australia’s innovation economy for the future. Kinetic IT’s work with Telstra and Fortinet on the Western Australian schools bandwidth upgrade project was also a finalist, in both the Channel Collaborations and Network Evolution categories.

Kinetic IT’s Acting Chief Marketing Officer, Aran Collins, says he is delighted to see the LIFT Alliance recognised on the national stage.

“To all of our partners – the WA Department of Education and those in the Alliance – this accolade is really well-deserved. As an innovative and collaborative team, the Alliance delivers fantastic outcomes for schools and school communities across Western Australia, and I know that everyone involved is so proud right now.

“On behalf of Kinetic IT, congratulations to our crew who support the Department every day, and to our partners for being part of this incredible journey with us.”

The full list of winners of the 2022 CRN Impact Awards is available on the CRN website.

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Guy Perry accepts the Channel Collaboration Award on behalf of Kinetic IT and LIFT Alliance at the 2022 CRN Impact Awards.
Kinetic IT’s Guy Perry accepts the Channel Collaboration Award at the 2022 CRN Impact Awards.

CRN Impact Awards: The LIFT Alliance

The formation of the consortium, branded as The LIFT Alliance, has won the Channel Collaborations category. The Alliance consists of two national providers – Kinetic IT and ASG Group – which has partnered with two niche providers, Campfire (previously Permeance) and Systemic, to deliver strategic objectives for the WA Department of Education.

As a result, the Alliance has enabled the consolidation of numerous ICT contracts, and now offers the Department a sole provider with which to engage on ICT projects. The reduced complexity alone represents a significant cost saving, in addition to lowering the operational risk for the customer.

More information about the LIFT Alliance is available on our website.

CRN Impact Awards: Project Kolbang

Nominated in the Channel Collaborations and Network Evolution categories, Project Kolbang is a $130 million project with an aim to increase base bandwidth across 806 schools from 50-100kbps to an average of 2mbps; some regional schools have seen increases of up to 200 times more bandwidth as a result of Kolbang.

While some site upgrades are usually straightforward, a large number of sites required significant infrastructure upgrades – enter Telstra, Kinetic IT, Fortinet and local panel integrators. The organisations worked together to deliver the project which has meant there is increased capacity at regional exchanges; not only delivering increased bandwidth to schools, but additional capacity can be made available to the local community.

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