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AI cloud telephony solution continuing to deliver for aviation leader

Few industries were hit as hard during COVID-19 as aviation. As a result, Qantas Group needed an agile partner to help them reduce costs while maintaining service.

Kinetic IT’s Automated Virtual Assistant (AVA) provided a cost-effective solution to help the Australian aviation leader get on top of the approximately 9,000 calls per month the IT help the service desk was receiving.

AI cloud telephony solution born out of COVID-19

AI cloud telephony
AVA is an AI cloud telephony solution keeping Qantas staff moving.

When Qantas called on its strategic technology partner Kinetic IT for a solution, the companies worked together to identify the high volume, low demand requests that AVA could take on.

Making use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) telephony components – AWS Connect and the AWS Lex fully managed AI service – this cloud-native virtual assistant has become a key enabler of Qantas operations, from the start of the pandemic to where we are today.

More than four years later, AVA continues to help Qantas employees with simple tasks such as resetting passwords and unlocking accounts no matter where they are, or what devices they have access to.

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