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Meet the crew / Jessy Singh on how she ‘accidentally’ got into ServiceNow

In our Meet the Crew series, we introduce you to our diverse bunch of Kinetic IT employees, exploring the different roles they fill across the company and how they make a difference to our customers, industry, and communities. In this edition, we chat with Jessy Singh.

Meet the crew / Jessy Singh

Transcript / Jessy Singh

Hi. I’m Jessy Singh and I’m the Process Specialist with the Platform and Automation team here at Kinetic IT. I wish I could say that I’ve been with Kinetic IT for eons as it seems to be the case with every second person that I meet here. It’s been a rather challenging, encouraging, full of support one year – well, almost.

How did you get into IT?

I’ve been in IT Service Management in some way, shape or form for the most part of my career. It was just something that I got into accidentally. I was looking for something that excited me. I got into a role that required me to learn ITIL, and I loved it. Never looked back since.

Why did you specialist in process management?

My heart has always been with processes. Everything that we do in our lives has something to do with processes. Getting our kids to school itself is a process in the mornings. Being a process specialist at the end of the day came as a natural fit for me. But being a process specialist within the ServiceNow space is another accidental case.

I fully enjoy it because while I am learning something new, which is ServiceNow, I’m still doing something that I love, which is processes.

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What’s one thing people don’t know about ServiceNow?

The one thing that I always have to explain to people or just let them know is that it’s not just a ticketing tool. It does that, but it’s not all that it does. It is a cloud based workflow automation platform that can be applied in many different domains or business areas. We’re not just talking about IT. We’re talking about HR, facilities management, payroll, etc.

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What’s the best part of being in Kinetic IT’s ServiceNow practice?

This is an easy one for me because it’s mainly the people. I am so fortunate to be part of a team that is supportive and encouraging. The best part about the whole thing is that I am surrounded by the best people in the ServiceNow industry Australia wide. The other thing that I am so fortunate for is working in an organisation that has such a solid partnership with ServiceNow.

I think additionally to that is the fact that resources out there for me are in abundance. I can access forums online, I can do training. I can even attend events to further my knowledge in the ServiceNow space, and learn how I can best provide value for my customers and for myself as well.

What would you say to encourage someone to pursue a career in IT Service Management or ServiceNow?

If you like a challenge, come and speak to us because ServiceNow has a lot of opportunities. It’s a growing market. We have a team of people who have come from various different backgrounds. We have an ex-sparkie [mechanic] in the team, we have someone who used to work in the aviation industry doing something completely different. Now these guys are thriving in this team that we are so fortunate to be part of.

So, don’t hesitate. Just get into it. If you have an interest and you’re already doing something, say security for example, and you want to remain doing security – you can do security in the ServiceNow space. Or you can even be a process specialist!

Transcript has been edited for clarity. 

You can find Jessy Singh on LinkedIn. Find out more about Kinetic IT’s ServiceNow practice.