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ServiceNow at Kinetic IT: Meet our ServiceNow crew

As a ServiceNow Premier Partner, Kinetic IT has an in-house ServiceNow practice delivering IT service management excellence across Australia.

Ahead of hosting the next Perth ExchangeNow event, a community-organised gathering of professionals working with the ServiceNow platform, we wanted to get to know more about ServiceNow at Kinetic IT. We asked our ServiceNow Principal Consultant, Dan Spada, and ServiceNow Practice Manager, Darren Everett, five questions about their professional journeys with ServiceNow.

UPDATE: Since publication, Kinetic IT has been recognised with ServiceNow Elite partnership status in September 2022.

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ServiceNow at Kinetic IT: Meet Dan Spada

Dan Spada

As the Principal Consultant for ServiceNow at Kinetic IT, Perth-based Dan Spada has led IT Service Management (ITSM) transformations across a range of customers in the utilities, education, resources and emergency services sectors. Here’s what makes Dan tick.

Why did you specialise in ServiceNow?

I first started using ServiceNow in 2012 as a replacement for an older IT Service Management (ITSM) tool, and from that moment I was hooked. What we brought in as an ITSM tool had so much more potential.

ServiceNow couples the structure of service management with the flexibility of bespoke development. An amazing combination for the enterprise, to help them achieve amazing things.

What’s one thing about ServiceNow more people should know about?

ServiceNow isn’t just a tool for IT. It has pre-built applications to support many areas of a business, plus it includes both low-code and pro-code development options so you can build your own applications on the platform.

I’ve worked with customers that have used ServiceNow in HR, Payroll, Marketing, Finance and Facilities.

Why is participating in ServiceNow events important to you?

ServiceNow is a huge platform – it’s so big that no single person can know it all anymore. ServiceNow events present a great opportunity to network, share our learnings and work together to deliver fantastic outcomes using ServiceNow technology.

Perth has quite a small ServiceNow community, so our events feel like we’re catching up with friends more than being an industry event.

What would you say to encourage someone to specialise in ServiceNow?

Get on board! ServiceNow is a fast-growing platform that is filled with opportunities. You can specialise in business process, design, build, development, administration and more.

You can also focus on certain domains, such as reporting & analytics, operations management, security and more.

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ServiceNow at Kinetic IT Perth ExchangeNow event
Kinetic IT hosts the Perth ExchangeNow community network at Head Shed in Perth City

ServiceNow at Kinetic IT: Meet Darren Everett

Darren EverettWith more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Darren Everett is well-versed in ITSM having held roles in consulting, solution architecture and customer success across Australia. Now leading Kinetic IT’s national ServiceNow practice, Darren shares his insights from customer experience to why community networking is so important.

Why did you specialise in ServiceNow?

I have always been involved in service management in some form and understand the trajectory of possibilities of the ServiceNow platform to be able to support business outcomes. It was a natural fit for me.

What’s one thing about ServiceNow more people should know about?

This message is not new anymore, but it’s still relevant: ServiceNow is a platform for your business. It’s not an IT ticketing tool. Sure it does that, but using it at the enterprise layer gives your business consistency around the customer experience and user experience.

Why is engaging with the ServiceNow and IT industry important to you?

It’s actually more than that now. It’s engaging with other parts of the business – Customer Service, Operations Teams, HR and more. All of these fit into the platform and can seek results from it. In fact, the more service delivery units that fit into it and use it, the more value it brings to a business as a whole. Engaging with all stakeholders on introducing ServiceNow into your business is important to ensure you are taking a holistic business solution approach, not a point solution.

What would you say to encourage an IT professional to specialise in ServiceNow?

This is an enterprise platform so it works in IT, HR, Facilities, Operations, Customer Service, Procurement, and all sorts. Ask yourself, “what’s our speciality?” And then find out what’s in that mix – is it developer roles, consulting roles, architects, product owners or what? Get into it!

Why is the ServiceNow community so important?

Community is everything in ServiceNow. When those involved in ServiceNow can get together in a relaxed environment and share ideas, inspire and problem-solve together, great outcomes happen. Chances are everybody has a question, and chances are someone has an answer. Marry these together and there is so much inherent value. Sharing and collaborating together is so important, and this is not just around the technical side of the platform but in strategy and future planning. That’s why I think ServiceNow events are so important, and to complement that is the partner or customer-centric group called ExchangeNow in which people of like minds can get together.

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