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Kinetic IT Helps Deliver Australia’s Most Advanced Police Command Centre for CHOGM

Kinetic IT, together with Western Australia Police, has played a major role in delivering the most advanced police command centre in Australia, used to increase security for the duration of the CHOGM program.

The new Maylands command centre is considered to be among the world’s most cutting edge facilities, commissioned for CHOGM and enabling Western Australia Police to monitor and record over 300 static CCTV camera feeds, 80 in-car video feeds and helicopter camera feeds in real-time.

Partnering with local CCTV service providers and working with public authorities and existing installations, the project was able to successfully deliver an integrated, seamless data and video solution.

“We’re proud to have been a key player in such a large scale and complex project – being selected to project manage the overall technical implementation whilst still designing and implementing the architecture and network has really allowed us to fly the technology flag for WA,” says Kinetic IT CEO Mr. Terry North.

For the first time in Australia, Kinetic IT was able to help integrate a large-scale portable viewing platform for all camera feeds via a portable device solution – allowing police to view all command centre feeds external to the main command centre. This new technology can be used for future large scale and high security events.

WA Police Assistant Commissioner and Chief Information Officer Craig Ward says “The command centre allowed for complete situational awareness for WA Police. It provided a completely integrated environment that enabled outside agencies to work together to make decisions that were critical to the overall success of CHOGM.”

“A number of Western Australia’s leading Chief Information Officers were taken through the facility and were blown away. There is certainly the potential to use the facility for Whole of Government solutions, especially surrounding Disaster Recovery.”

“Considering the command centre was nothing more than a basketball court in February this year, successfully getting everything up and running in time for CHOGM was no mean feat. The fact that the technology actually stacks up against the planet’s top facilities is a testament to the dedication of everyone involved,” says Kinetic IT CEO Terry North.

Kinetic IT also liaised with third parties throughout the implementation, developed network topology disaster recovery plans, integrated multiple technologies into the Western Australia Police environment and provided around-the-clock operational support for the critical data systems in addition to the normal ‘business as usual’ systems required to support the police response.

Looking forward, Assistant Commissioner Ward believes the command centre could lead to increased inter-agency integration using a common technology platform, allowing multiple government departments to make use of the world-class command centre technology.

“The command centre technology could also potentially be used by agencies such as DEC and FESA to improve response times to critical events,” adds Assistant Commissioner Ward.

WA Police has been a Kinetic IT customer for more than eight years, with Kinetic IT being awarded a more comprehensive services contract in 2008.

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