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Kinetic IT and Qantas Group delivering world-class IT solutions for Australian travellers

Innovative and transformative digital solutions are keeping Australians moving via the country’s most iconic aviator, Qantas Group, with Kinetic IT riding co-pilot.

The two organisations are celebrating another year of continued partnership after Kinetic IT was successful in retaining and expanding services with Qantas Group.

Since it began in 2015, the Kinetic IT and Qantas Group partnership has endured a range of challenges, including market pressures and the COVID-19 pandemic. Through adaptation and resilience, the two organisations have worked together to respond to these challenges with customer centricity in mind and commitment to high-quality service.

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Qantas Group and Kinetic IT’s enduring relationship expands

Over the past 12 months, the relationship has expanded to include the delivery of modern workplace services such as end user compute, cloud services including Azure and Microsoft 365, in addition to the existing services of IT technical support, major incident management, service integration and management (SIAM) and ServiceNow. Kinetic IT is supporting a range of transformative projects including a major data centre migration and Qantas Group’s Workplace Modernisation program.

As part of these expanded services, Kinetic IT now also delivers service desk support for Qantas Group’s crew members in both English and Japanese. These bilingual capabilities allow for improved communication and service delivery to Qantas’ Japanese-speaking crew across time zones and regions.

Kinetic IT staff are based at key hubs in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns, and Darwin, including crew co-located at Qantas Group’s head office in Sydney and Jetstar’s head office in Melbourne. This enables Kinetic IT to provide seamless and efficient IT support to Qantas’ internationally operating crew members in real-time.

Qantas Group
Kinetic IT’s Sydney crew at Qantas head office.

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Cassie Loder, Group Executive – Transport, Resources, Energy and Commercial, thanked Qantas for its continued trust in Kinetic IT.

“We were delighted to expand our partnership with Qantas Group last year, continuing to provide industry-leading IT services to support critical operations. We’ve been through a lot over the past 3 years, particularly through the pandemic. It’s great to see what we can achieve through smart, agile technology solutions, as well as being able to provide career progression opportunities and employment across the country.”

Cassie said being co-located with Qantas Group had strengthened working ties.

“Our approach to embedding ourselves into customer environments is a key enabler in adapting quickly to the challenges our customers face. Through the pandemic, we were right there alongside Qantas staff and it resulted in fast, effective and seamless IT solutions to keep staff moving so they could focus on supporting customers.

“This partnership highlights Kinetic IT’s commitment to delivering IT solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers. With over 20 years of experience across a variety of customers and industries, Kinetic IT is well-positioned to provide the expertise, knowledge and support that Qantas Group requires.”

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Matthew Doughty, Chief Technology Officer for Qantas Group, said the partnership had enabled Qantas Group to uplift its strong customer-centric focus.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Kinetic IT and leverage their expertise to improve our IT services. With Kinetic IT’s support, we deliver a better travel experience to our customers and provide our crew members with the critical IT support they require.”

Cassie said Kinetic IT looked forward to continuing its partnership with Qantas Group and delivering world-class IT solutions to support its operations.

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